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Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Selamat Balik! We come again! Everywhere, your world is shifting quietly toward its divine transformation. Heaven continues to prepare for the sacred moment when a new reality is to be proclaimed, officially. Agartha is also preparing for this moment by reminding its numerous surface operatives to get ready to reveal publicly who they truly are. Our many liaison teams, as well, are preparing to disclose the work they are doing to bring your new reality into existence. We are also working with the many Ascended Masters to bring each of their secret sacred societies into public view. A unique moment is approaching when you will be able to learn how it was that your entire globe was able to switch so quickly into a new mode of local, regional, and national governance. This changeover will be followed swiftly by a series of special official announcements, and soon thereafter by the instigation of several unprecedented social services, helmed by these same sacred society spokespersons. These programs will be your first official glimpse of what is to come. A new reality is to be born which will include formal announcements about first contact and our benevolent presence.

We are presently placing more liaison personnel on your world and they will be working closely with the Agarthans. It is important to bring out the fact that the geophysical constitution of your home world is actually far different than is believed by most of you. As you absorb these new facts and the accompanying new relationships they bring, the relevance to your lives of the activities of the sacred societies will become much clearer to you. Beginning to understand the makeup of your reality and the presence of the Agarthans can prepare you for what is to follow. We of the Galactic Federation are here primarily to get you ready for your return to full consciousness, and thus it is important that our introduction to your world be not only official but in conformation with the precepts of divine law. Your trust in us is paramount! Once we have your trust, we will be able to set the scene to prepare you on all levels for your three days of metamorphosis in your individual Light chambers. We possess many teaching modalities which will allow you to understand all aspects of what is involved in your return to full consciousness, and we are ready to go over everything with you, step by step, and to answer all of your questions and doubts.

Your return to full consciousness is something that Heaven has mandated for you all. The surface population of Gaia has always been destined to return to this blessed state of Being as soon as your reality is given the green light to lift out of the present darkness. Your unusual state of limitation was only granted on a temporary basis after Atlantis sank and its fully conscious residents fled to the stars. The resulting rapid change in the energy makeup of the surface forced Mother Earth to alter her everyday reality. On top of this, the Anunnaki decided to take up residence in your solar system and negotiated with Heaven for a divine dispensation. This was granted, and a timetable and conditions were set up for the duration. You were then appointed by your Heavenly Administrators to be prototypes for limited consciousness with a view to then being capable of helping Anchara’s children at a future date to also achieve the same divine state of Being. This is how you began a long sojourn through the shadow lands and now it is coming to its predestined end.

Your reemergence as fully conscious Beings provides a way for us to turn this immense galaxy to the Light. Your first tasks in this endeavor will be to arrange an ongoing liaison with the former star-nations of the Anchara Alliance as well as to use your good offices to help many fully conscious Beings, who are now Galactic Federation members, to interact harmoniously with one another. The goal here is eventually to produce a fully conscious realm which emits a most exquisite Light. As this new realm takes shape, you will shine and be most honored for accomplishing your grand and sacred task! Your home world will become a center for the movement that has already spread to over 50,000 galaxies and this is just the beginning. You will be fêted and your accomplishments rejoiced in by both Heaven and physicality. Your name is to be proclaimed throughout physicality and your glorious history made known to every Being in service to the Light. Truly, you are about to catapult into the Light to create a most remarkable time for your new star-nation.

Purple Lotus

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a blessed message of Love, Light, and Truth! Your realm is now moving away from the darkness that has gripped it for the last 13 millennia. During this time each of us passed successfully through the various trials and tribulations that brought us to the very portal of Ascension. Once we crossed this threshold we ascended into the realm of Heaven and into the absolute joy that is divine service. What is so exceptional is that Heaven has given each of you a divine dispensation, a holy means for achieving quickly and easily what took us so long to achieve: namely, your specially created Light chambers. This work of the Most Divine is to provide you with a unique path to Immortality. In this way you can return to physical Angelhood and your vital service to the divine plan. We bless you and cry Hosannas to the Highest for the Grace and Mercy that you have been shown.

The moment has come when Heaven can lead you to a sacred, physical life full of joy, miracles, and blessings for each of you. We, too, prepare for our divine service, which is to explain the misjudgments that the dark foisted upon you those many millennia ago. The dispensation for your return to full consciousness is another indication of who you were truly created to be. Inside each of you sits the divine master appointed by the Supreme Creator to morally guide you in the holy truths of Heaven and Earth. This inner guidance was externalized by your need for an outside leader when you fell into limited consciousness and thus lost your connection to the Divine. Now the time comes for the resurrection within you of this sacred mentor. Some call it the Higher Self, while others refer to the I Am Presence. In either case, look within, blessed Hearts. What you will find is a master of Truth and integrity, who can provide you, day by day, with unerring guidance for all situations.

The coming days will be marked by a series of unusual events which are to manifest your new realm. In these messages we have been providing you with the context to enable you to understand that what is to happen is not some sort of salvation but a natural progression of events prophesied to lead you to a new land filled with prosperity and Love! Too long you have dwelled in a world of falsehoods, suspicion, and alienation. Now a wholly opposite reality is to unfold before you! Do not be in disbelief or mistrust at receiving the basics of a natural life. Your freedom and personal sovereignty are divine gifts bestowed on you when you were first conceived. Be once more the blessed children who are open to receive their divine bounty, and be willing to help your fellows as this prosperity spreads across the world. Use your talents and your Love to create a new realm gifted to you by the Heavenly Hosts. A time of great joy has arrived!

Today we talked about what is happening around your globe. We also reminded you that first contact is almost upon you. Each day we fly missions around your world which prepare us for the moment of our landings. As your inner Spirit advises you about full consciousness, so too do we remind you about what our mentoring is to provide. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

What 5th Dimension Life is Really Like

Mother/Father God Channeled through  Kathryn E May, PsyD
April 28 2013


It is almost May by your Earthly calendar. Four moon phases have passed since the historic December 21st “deadline” for Earth Ascension, and an amazing four months it has been! The Ascension process rolls forward, gathering steam, carrying everyone along with it. Yes, there are a few who are reluctant or even belligerent in their resistance to understanding the bigger picture, as you might say. As you know, it is the result of the eons of heavy, materially anchored vibration which was 3D. Lifetime after lifetime, you were used to looking at your feet when you walked, concentrating on the day by day minutiae of life, struggling with the basic need for survival, and feeling happy if you found a time to smile and relax for 5 minutes.


Those many lifetimes have a way of creating a cumulative expectation about what you will experience here on Gaia, imprinted in your subconscious minds even before you come here. These are some of the issues Lightworkers have been working hard to clear and eliminate as preparation for Ascension.


Not everyone even understands what “Ascension” means, so they have not even begun to prepare for it. From our perspective, it is to be expected, and is not a matter of deep concern for Us. We have many other options and many other locations, as we have always had, for soul development for any and all who wish to slow their process a bit. Nevertheless, whether they decide to leap or just hop, it will be a dramatic Ascension for all.

There has been much confusion about whether “all going together” as your original contract calls for means that every single person on Earth has to be ready and willing to ascend in exactly the same way at the same time, or whether this means people will be separated into groups, thereby being forced to leave loved ones behind, whether animals and pets will be allowed, and whether the Dark Hats will be isolated or punished for their wrongdoings.


Let us try to explain further, although it may be difficult because your language is so judgmental in its very forms, and defies subtlety at every turn. Yes, there are massive and glorious changes coming. Yes, it will be a good thing for the individual development of every soul, just as much as it will benefit the group. It is impossible for you to understand the win/win concepts we have developed for you, but please trust that no one will be slighted or left behind in this process. Every detail of every option has been carefully considered with this in mind. Our policy throughout the ages has been one which rewards progress and gives everyone another chance when they have not reached their goals.

No one will be given cause to feel sadness because of the Ascension process, and no one will be put in a position to be separated in any important way from the ones they care about in this life. Those of you who have not consciously experienced the fluid and open-ended delights of life in higher dimensions have a treat in store. Life takes on a completely different feel when color and light, feelings and thoughts combine to produce the most captivating sense of Unconditional Love, the likes of which you have never experienced in 3D. Nothing is lacking, nothing is static, and there are no limits to who you can communicate with and what you can learn.


You have the expression, “The sky’s the limit.” It is difficult for you to imagine that you need not preserve your closet full of clothes because you can envision and create the most elaborate and delightful party attire on the spot, or that you need not have a retirement account in a multinational bank because there is nothing to buy. Manifesting your dreams means that, literally. A house may benefit from the imagination of an architect or an artist in the dreaming stage, but no hammer and nails will be needed. The taste of the most delicious food requires no time-consuming importing, shopping, chopping and cooking unless you prefer to arrange it that way for the fun of it. Either way, food is far less important than you find now.

Purple Blue Light


You see, you will not be deprived of your favorite pastimes and nostalgic memories unless they are detrimental to the Greater Good, but the options for what you may spend your time at is not limited as it is now. Entertainment is not a way to escape from life but rather is the opportunity to take part in uplifting activities in the company of the most interesting and intelligent Beings. Work is the activity of expressing your unique gifts in a way that is of service to others, and for which you are paid in gratitude and admiration.

Children are not a burden, or something that happens to people, but are rather a sacred gift – a conscious creation of the intentions of the loving partners who welcome the holy responsibility of bonding together to nurture and support the child in Love and Light. Parenthood is considered a great honor and a gift, and is only undertaken under the most ideal circumstances. No child is permitted to be neglected or mistreated in any way, and the community takes considerable interest and responsibility for the well-being of every child.

Education is an ongoing, never-ending activity. Any individual may study any subject matter which sparks their interest or for which they have an aptitude, to any level they wish to achieve. Master Teachers of the highest levels of expertise are delighted to teach the students who excel in their particular area of knowledge, and opportunities to learn are gloriously dropped at your feet, like rose petals at a wedding.


There is transparency at each level, although of course it is impossible for everyone to know everything. You all specialize in some ways, but there is always the advantage that the levels below you are open to you, so that you can feel and see the Truth of what is transpiring at lower levels, just as your Ascended Masters and We can observe you, your feelings and your thoughts as we watch over you with Love.


So you see, that hopefully answers your concerns about who will be “left behind.” No one will be left behind or unavailable to you because of the “glass floor” perspective. If you decide to move on to higher realms where your loved ones have not reached, it will be no more isolating than if you went to graduate school to take some extra classes.


The beautiful advantage in the higher dimensions is that you will always be in the company of souls who have reached similar levels of development to yours, and who are striving to ascend further. You will never again have the lonely feeling of being the lone Starseed in the company of people who deny your identity or disparage your knowledge. Think of it! Advanced classes with the brightest and the best, where your intelligence and intuition are celebrated and admired!


Now, about relationships: No partnership is arranged on the basis of duty or financial need or social pressure. Only Love matters when it comes to choosing or not choosing a mate. No requirements other than one’s own soul development and personal preferences are relevant. Depending on your developmental level, you may or may not want to spend time with your Twin Flame, and the soul mates you have traveled with in many lifetimes will be in or out of your immediate environment, as you all agree.


As you may have discerned, the amount of freedom, liberty and justice you experience in the higher dimensions would be inconceivable to most humans in 3D. You will have some training sessions upon your entry to help you acclimate to it, and to help you work with the new powers of manifestation which are inherent in the higher dimensions. You may now understand why it is imperative to keep the opaque ceiling, glass floor system in place, since a lower dimensional being in 5D would be an invitation for devastation, for themselves and for others. And so, it is simply impossible physically for a being to transcend their abilities, since the higher vibrational frequencies would cause physical pain if a soul is not ready.


Once acclimated, you will learn to adjust to the wonders and delights of what you have been taught to think of as “Heaven.” It is truly a marvelous place, as We are sure you will agree, and we can hardly wait to roll out the red carpet for you to sail on in.


Be at peace, Dear Ones. Enjoy the coming week as the Citizens’ Hearings unfold and you march day by day closer to the glorious days of Disclosure, and the abundance and delights which will accompany it.


With Unconditional Love always,

Your Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, April 28, 2013, 2 PM,

Kathryn E. May, PsyD
60 Lower 27 Knolls Road
High Falls, New York, NY 12440
(914) 466-4250

Now Is the Time for All Good Men/Women to Come to the Aid of Their Country

Petition Major News Media to Cover the Citizens Hearing On Disclosure!

Channel:  Ashtar/Athena

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.


 Beloved Family, Greetings,

We up here on the ship are eagerly waiting to have our first contact!  So let us mention an important event that is very important to manifest in your world.  It is the Disclosure Hearing in Washington DC, April 29th through May 3rd.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Light, now is your opportunity to make this happen by contacting all of the news media in your country (you know who they are).  I suggest that, if possible, you call them and have them announce this important, historical event. It will open the door for all to get their freedom back.  And that is their legal right which your blessed Constitution represents.

I have already signed the petition that is being posted on and suggest that you join me.

Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command
The Galactic Federation of Light.


Click Here or Below to sign the petition

Hilarion’s Weekly Message 2013

Hi Friends,

                  Changes are happening, and the best is yet to come.

                  In Love and Light, Mike Quinsey  


“Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that you are the change agents, the mighty forces of love who stand together

with opening hearts to increase the light quotient of your planet in order to raise the level of consciousness

to move above former understandings and perceptions….”

April 28-May 5, 2013


Beloved Ones,

As a new day dawns on the horizon, more is asked of you when all you want to do is rest and relax. Be good to yourselves, take a deep breath and hold to the vision of a better world as you stand in proxy for humanity. All is in the process of shifting and recalibrating. There is a collective sigh as the density builds in the atmosphere ready to be transmuted into a higher vibration. Let all that distracts fade away as you maintain the certainty that inside each human heart is a wellspring of goodness and innocence that is uniting into a power that is greater than can be told; it is something that can only be experienced.

As this certainty is maintained in a holding pattern, mighty but elusive changes are occurring within every system in every aspect of life on Earth. These are the grass roots movements to establish a new paradigm based on Universal law and truth. All that has held power over the unawakened souls in every corner of the world is being gently dissolved and dissipated. Sometimes each heart bleeds at the injustices that are brought to light, sometimes the inner warrior comes stridently to the forefront. In each instance, those of you who have been taking a stand for the truth in your corner of the world are being uplifted and supported as you daily labor.

Every day the human soul is confronted with even more revelations that test your limits of forbearance. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that you are the change agents, the mighty forces of love who stand together with opening hearts to increase the light quotient of your planet in order to raise the level of consciousness to move above former understandings and perceptions. There is a choice before every human soul, a crossroads if you will; which path to follow – one that is steep and leads directly to the Creator, where the soul holds the weight of the world upon its collective shoulders, or, the one that spirals around the mountain as the souls upon it experience lesser levels of density but which ultimately bring them into wholeness.

Every thought, word, emotion and deed is now being magnified into a cohesive field that emanates from each individual as they move about their daily life. As one chooses the steep path and lonely climb, one is finding themselves able to withstand the onslaught of Earthly temptations that rise before them. So many of these fall away as the incorruptible ones steadily maintain their vision, making way for the new ones who are now rising up to take up the torch as world change agent. Holding on another hour, another day, another week – step by determined step, they keep to their chosen path, and miraculously the way before them is cleared. Clues and signposts point the way as nature conspires to gift them with more clarity and understanding.

Seek first the kingdom of the Creator within you, all else will follow. First and foremost, let your Light remain pure, authentic and unsullied as the temptations of the old world rise to acute levels before you. You have passed this way before and so you now adroitly step around and above them. Your inner crystalline core shines brightly within you. Those who choose the spiraling path eventually arrive to their destination also. All move into Oneness.

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Disclosure Party Preparations, and How You Can Take Part

Mother/Father God channeled by Kathryn E. May, PsyD
April 25, 2013

It is a transition time, a quiet pause before the storm, as you say. But this time, the storm will be an inundation of good feelings, excitement and disbelief. The Disclosure event that has been planned for all of you will “blow you away.” The folks from Inner Earth are very excited to at last meet you, and many of you will be welcomed to come there for your awakening/medical treatments which will change you DNA, heal your illnesses, and make you young again. You will be able to live for what will seem to you like an eternity, in the 5 dimensional body, in perfect health. You will also gain enormous leaps in your intelligence, allowing you to communicate telepathically and remember everything you wish to remember, without having to write anything down.

You will have access to Universal knowledge via a combination of sensing and remembering which will put you in constant communication with Us, and We will gladly share our knowledge with you, Dear Ones. You will find that you are able to love more deeply, feel compassion for every living creature, and reach out in friendship to all. This change will occur in all of you who have agreed to take the Shift into higher dimensions.
It is impossible for Us to describe to you what it is like for the higher dimensional Beings who live with Us, who communicate with each other in Love and Peace.

There will be no more wars, no more want, and no more of the painful heart-wrenching feelings of losing everyone you love every 80 years or so. You will live long enough to build your cathedrals and bridges, see your great grandchildren grow and flourish, and get to know the rules of the Universe. You will live in the Paradise you have been promised, and the lion will truly lie down with the lamb. As we have mentioned earlier, no one will have to eat anyone else for nourishment, so peace will truly reign among the fauna of the forests and rivers. You will have the opportunity to experience life in a body, but it will be a body of crystalline substance, with no maintenance problems.

You will also be provided with the opportunity to meet with all the loving members of your soul family, who have traveled with you through numerous incarnations on Earth and elsewhere. What a joyful celebration it will be when you can say to each other: “Remember the time when we…” and you will both remember! You will also learn the identity of your Masters and guides, those who have supported and nurtured you through this lifetime and possibly many others. All will appear to you in colors of wondrous hues, in patterns of thought and feeling, as you discover the ability to see-feel, and to think-feel in ways you have no knowledge of now.

There will be much to do, much to discover, and the wherewithal to discover it. You will make friends with beings of infinite variety, some humanlike, others far from human, but all with feelings, intelligence and consciousness. There is no limit to the personal, scientific and spiritual discoveries you can pursue with others, as you come to understand the nature of Universes and the Cosmic order.

For some of you, the greatest thrills in the beginning will be seeing the teachers you have revered and studied with, coming to greet you in person. For others, it will be the chance to learn about the Universal Laws and to experience Creation first hand. Yet others will delight in the opportunity to cavort with animals of all shapes and sizes without any fear. And yes, of course you will encounter your beloved pets from this and former lives, who are living in perfect contentment, waiting for another encounter with you, their beloved Master.

Of course, you are all champing at the bit, as you say, to know when. On what date is this glorious celebration to finally begin? The earliest timelines of possibility have already come and gone. We continue to monitor the level of fear on the planet which would cause chaos and rejection of the opportunity to welcome your Star Brothers and Sisters. The meter is dropping, ever so slowly. We had hoped that the Sirius Disclosure movie would present the issue in such clear form that the population could finally accept that UFO’s are not unidentified at all, but are the ships carrying not only your Twin Flames and Masters. It will also be the opportunity for Sananda/Jesus to make his promised appearance as he steps off the Mother Ship, the New Jerusalem, to greet his faithful followers who have waited with their hearts filled with Love and Joy to welcome his Second Coming.

Of course as many of you know, it will not be his second coming but his eighth, but that is not important now. Those of you who are old souls will remember your lifetimes in company with Sananda, the bringer of Christ Consciousness to Planet Earth. You will be at higher levels of consciousness than you ever imagined possible for you, and the adventures which will open up to you will include travel throughout the galaxies, and lives filled with Love and companionship if that is what you choose. For those who are exhausted by the efforts of carrying the Light for long incarnations through the Dark Times, there will be solace and quiet healing for a time. You will be cared for in the loving arms of Angels who will provide for your every need until you are once more ready to resume the Great Adventure which is Life.

And now, Dear Children, do your parts for just a little while longer by sending on the information about the Sirius Disclosure movie website, where you can watch the movie or purchase the DVD. Purchase a copy yourself and have a showing for all your friends. Also go to the Citizens Hearings for Disclosure website and order the live stream of the entire hearings event and/or archives of the week’s testimony. Call CNN and your local TV affiliate and ask if they are going to cover the proceedings, and if not why not? It will take a groundswell of citizen action to turn the ship around, but it can be done. Send the information to everyone on your mailing list, with a short note about how this is the most important event of the last thousand years!

Then, sit back and enjoy the fun, as the planet awakens to the realization that there are profound and wonderful changes available to all of you, and you only need to convince your friends and neighbors to accept the gifts which are being offered by the Galactic friends who await your welcome.

We love you one and all, and await with great anticipation the reunion of our Dear Ones from Inner Earth and from the far reaches of the galaxies, and it will all take place right here, on Gaia.

We are Your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, April 25, 2013, 11 PM, show is Friday night, 8:30 PM EDT

Kathryn E. May, PsyD
60 Lower 27 Knolls Road
High Falls, New York, NY 12440
(914) 466-4250

Message from Ashtar and Athena — Completion Of All Completeness

April 24, 2013

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Heart shape water drop
Beloved Family, Greetings,

Remember, in one of my previous messages, dear ones, of me stating to you of the beautiful butterfly into which you are transmuting? Yes!  This is one of the next steps to becoming the real You.  It is called metamorphosis.

First you want to be complete.  And you have never felt complete, thus far, have you, dears?  To feel complete, you must get in touch with your twin flame.A twin flame occurs when your Creator, who is Mother/Father God, throws out a spark, a soul (you), and you became aware.  Then, your soul split into male and female.  Then, you traveled through all of your incarnations until you completed a circle, experiencing and mastering every lesson until you came upon your closing and your ascension, which is where you are at this moment.When you are going into your stillness each day, focus on getting in touch with your other half. Try to call on him/her with sincere intentions and loving feelings and then listen and you may find that they are talking to you.  So have a pad and pencil ready and listen. They will give you a message.Once, dear ones, you get in touch… then, you can have a conversation.  What happiness that will be! You won’t be able to put it into words.

Dear ones, when you have gotten in touch with and spoken with your other half, you will eventually know who you really are.  You will find out what beautiful beings you have become… that you are.  In becoming friends with and merging with your twin flame, you will create a beautiful relationship and, my dear ones, when you meet on that ship, you will already know them and love them.

There will be so many tears shed when all of us join our twin flames!  What a joyous time that will be.

Dear ones, I also have a twin flame and we have been having conversations for some time. She is incarnated on Earth now.  I am also longing to join and be with her once more.  And I’ll tell you, sweet ones, she has my heart.  I am not complete without her. And I wish the same for you, so that you can experience the joy that you all deserve.

We all, up here, are biting at the bit, so to speak, longing to join our twin flames and be complete.  Know, that when you step on our ships, your memory will return. Then you will remember all things.

Beloved ones, we are right now, planning a celebration and dancing and parties because the long journey has ended.  And unity and oneness is complete.  Balance and harmony, peace and joy, and most of all... Love. You sweet ones are at your completion of your completeness.

Love, from the bottom of my heart, your beloved Galactic brother,


Message from Sananda

Channeled by Nancy Tate


I am Sananda here this day to speak with you through this one. It is a time of coming together and renewing resources that are very much always in our midst. It is a matter of bringing it all together in an intermeshing of love and understanding of what is taking place in our energies these days.


As I speak, so too do you, and in that speaking forth you attract the essences of which you speak. It is a matter of being in the now and addressing that, which is in your face in the now. When you are feeling as if you are overwhelmed by the circumstances that are in your face and all around you, it is a matter of sitting back, taking a deep breath and bringing to mind something that is lovely, that brings you joy at the thought of it, and stirs the wonderfully peaceful feelings that can then bring you into a state of bliss. This will then allow you to flow forth in your life into the power that you have and the ability that can work miracles in your life.


These miracles are fast becoming everyday occurrences that bring you glad tidings and feelings of peace and joy. In this loving state you can perform what you once considered miracles and now realize are occurrences that you feel gratitude for in every moment. It is a matter of every moment being a natural state in your life. Consider it to be the knowingness that is the Godliness in you. That, in itself is the way of being of your trueness.


We are here to see you through this time of your lives with the gratitude and joy that you are bringing into your lives. We are here to ride the waves of ascension with you, as we have always been. To walk in the same shoes is to understand what it is that can bring you into the next moment in the grandeur that you are experiencing. It may not feel that way for you at times, however, when that overwhelming feeling comes along, in that next moment you can step into the real you and go forth in a way that is enriching not only to yourself, but to all of existence.


Do you realize the power you have? Take a look at what you accomplish in a day’s time. See the up and down rides that you take, and see what you have accomplished. See them in the eyes of the non-judgmental observer. In that way you will see the power you are living, and your ability to ride the waves that will take you ashore to the new place to which you are headed.


Though it may seem to some of you that you will be losing so much of what you love about earthlife, stop a moment and realize that what you love need not leave you. It is something that you are recognizing as part of your growth and ability to create what you love. Was it something that someone else brought to you? You are the bearer of your own gifts. Others are the ones who are part of the creation of that which you gift yourselves with. Your original thought is that from which the creation begins. Even if it does not seem as a gift at some point of its evolution you see that it surely has been.


I go now and watch as the moment arrives for me to come forth again in love for you all, the expression of love that resonates throughout the land. You are such wonders to behold as you continue through this journey. We all are astounded by the leaps you are making, and as we run at times to catch up with you in that journey, we see the gifts that are there for all of us to take benefit from. We love, we find joy, and we experience peace along with you in every breath. Have a fun-filled and peaceful day, and we will join you in all of it to ride the endless train of love throughout all of creation.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate

It is Time, More Than Time, for You to Find Out Who You Are


Channeled by Ron Head
April 20, 2013
Well we have caused quite an uproar, haven’t we? Let’s return now to our normal conversation.
We would like to discuss today a change which quite a few of you have begun to take note of, and we will use yourself and a few of those you have conversed with as an example. It is a phenomenon which has been around literally forever, but never have so many been in a position to notice or take advantage of it. Now, as you continue to raise your energy levels and frequencies almost all of you are in a position to do so if you desire and intend to do so. You may also, stumble upon it, quite by accident.
Of course there are no accidents. So if this seems familiar to you, and it seems an accident, be aware that your higher selves and your guides have been moving you along your desired path, even though you seem blissfully unaware in your day to day consciousness. This, of course, is why you might wish to get deeper in touch with your Selves, in the higher sense. Nothing we tell you is beyond what you know in your hearts.
As we stated in the beginning, several of you have noted between yourselves that you have made decisions, or entertained ideas, and suddenly it seems your lives have taken off like a whirlwind, where before they were seeming so very placid, even stuck. You like to use that word, stuck.
You may be processing, you may be searching, or learning, or any of several other things. BUT, dear hearts, you are never stuck. You may be retreating, but you are never stuck. You may not be in touch with what is going on inside yourselves, but you are never stuck.
Go inside and learn what it is you are about. We cannot, and apparently have not, stressed this enough. But our point today is that when you spot the next step on this journey and summon the courage to take it, even though you do not see how it could possibly lead you anywhere successfully, be prepared to learn the power and wisdom of yourselves and your group of mentors, guides, and angels. Be prepared to have your lives take off like one of your rocket ships. And, my friends, you will not have time for the customary countdown. Do not let this arouse any fear of what we are saying. We tell you that it will bring you a feeling of joy such as you have seldom known. It will mean that you are well and truly on point with the purpose you came here for.
Blessed and divine beings that you are, it is time, more than time, for you to find out who you are. Be at peace. Be in joy. And we will speak with you again very soon. Good day.
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You Must Be Vigilant And Counter Every Incident With Love

Lord Ashtar, Commander Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation

Received by Lucy C., Messenger

April 18, 2013

How grateful we are for the beautiful energy of love, stillness, and oneness that each of you brings into this room. It is this energy you create that can overlay the latest incident in the Boston area. This overlay of love, of inner quietness and peace, of knowing that you and all are a part of God, is your gift of Heaven – and you can extend this grace especially to those who perpetrated the violence. 
At the same time you and all who listen need to heed the warning that this is a group that needs to be watched carefully, for they are ones who will incite riots and revolution.
As El Morya has told you, this is a critical time. The Fifth Dimensional Divine Energies are pouring into your planet, and as they combine with third dimensional energies, which are both Yin and Yang – Duality – the result is chaos and a polarization of the dark aspect of Duality. It is fighting back now, for it cannot tolerate the increasing Light energy. Quite frankly you could say it drives the darkened ones crazy! 
It is because of this negative response to the heightened energy that you witness incidents such as Sandy Hook and now in Boston. And there will be more such occurrences, Dear Hearts. That is why you must be ready to immediately overlay any incident of violence with the energy of love, stillness and oneness that you feel here today.
It is a time for all Light Workers – you, the Children of God – to come quickly to the aid of the Light. There are those in the news media who would incite the unstable masses to rise up. Whenever you hear or read anything that is not of the Light, you must immediately become Light Warriors – or, like Archangel Michael, warriors for Peace. Take his sword and slash through negative thought forms. Then replace them with the Father/Mother’s energy of Love. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to be our emissaries. 
Earth’s astrological aspects speak of the polarizing energies now transforming Earth and
humanity. They bring the change that is needed, yes; but your divine assignment is to fill the Earth with Light.
Never think for a moment that anything has been lost. And all are gaining so much from this Earth experience. Do you not realize that once you have completed your journey into the Fifth Dimension, what you have learned by coping with the lower dimensional energies
will be valuable to the entire Universe? It makes you stronger by increasing your dedication to the Father of Us All, to His cause of Light and Evolution.
As you journey forth among the stars and the heavens there will be a frequency, a calling, that you will answer. Those of you who choose to do so will serve, with your understanding, planets that are just beginning to arise in their ascension. Many of you will be called thusly and discover boundless joy serving others with the knowledge you have gained through your experience in Duality.
Dear Ones, take heart and know that you are progressing rapidly on your path to ascension. We are very pleased. God blesses each and every one of you, and may His love and light, the power of His Holy Spirit, be upon you now and forevermore.
I am he, who is
Lord Ashtar

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy — April 23, 2013

You can bring completion to this cycle by invoking the Love of forgiveness that constitutes your essence. The moment approaches for ‘days filled with wonder and miracles’!

7 Akbal, 11 Kank’in, 9 Eb

Dratzo! This moment in your history is a truly precious one! You stand on the edge of a cascade of events which will quite suddenly change your world forever. Mother Earth is now at that watershed which we have mentioned to you before and she is about to merge her two now-separated realms into one. This great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly. The dark cabal that runs your dark surface world still cannot believe that its reign over your world is coming to an end. After all, there are only faint signs that this is happening. Arrests are being made and parts of their inner circles divested of power, yet their rule continues. What they have not yet grasped is that an utterly different reality is very close to materializing. Likewise, they cannot comprehend that we have accepted Heaven’s plans for bringing you your freedom. The dark ones take our advice and accompanying warnings with a truly huge ‘grain of salt.’ Yet they would do well to heed what we say and prepare in some measure for their coming downfall. Energy is sweeping across this world and is about to bring their lamentable creations to an end. A new, all-transforming Light is dawning and is about to engulf these hardened skeptics.

Our fleet stands at the ready for first contact and a multitude of cloaked ships are a constant reminder to the dark that we are present and in service to the Light. Untold numbers of individuals work to bring a new world into being and we are here to support them and to help the many Light-workers in their sacred cause. Each of them knows full well the endless perfidy of this global dark cabal and our task is to assist them as Heaven so instructs. The divine moment is almost here for us, all together, to purge this dark menace from these surface realms. We ask simply that you maintain your state of inner joy and to not let disappointment or doubt mar your pivotal contribution to this sacred joint endeavor. Heaven is almost ready to issue the formal signal for the grand transformation of your world with the sudden appearance of new governance. This will lead quickly to announcements which will take the form of official broadcasts that are to change your world overnight! The new financial and monetary system will bring in a universal prosperity that will power vast changes, putting you on the very brink of full consciousness.

The numerous Light-workers appointed to their brief but very focused and active provisional terms in office have a truly daunting task before them. It will be necessary for them to use a highly creative approach in order to surmount the culture of lawlessness that has become widely endemic in your global governments, and to this end they have very specific guidelines available to them. The Act of NESARA, which has been kept secret and subject to gag-order, is one of the resources that we recommend to those who are to return government to its true and lawful constitutional and common-law roots. The new governance is to end debt-slavery and return your divine, personal sovereignty to you. We wish these valiant ones in the interim governments to know that any attempt by the dark to return will be summarily negated. The Divine intends to use us, a powerful galactic option, to guarantee the realization of any and all of Heaven’s sacred decrees. Every major work that these new governments carry out will be supported on condition that it uphold your sacred journey to freedom, sovereignty, and full consciousness.

As you grow in knowledge of your true history, your off-planet origins, and the purposes behind your divine personal sovereignty, you will also receive guidance on how to create your new galactic societies and information concerning the logistics of returning you to full consciousness. Federation mentors as well as those appointed by Heaven will instruct you in the many aspects of this very different state of being. Before you go to Agartha you will want to know all about the miracle that happens in your Light-chamber and every detail will be covered during comprehensive discussions between you and your mentors. Much of this learning will make use of our technologies, which allow you to visually and mentally experience the concepts we introduce to you. Knowledge can be imparted in such a way that your memory of these instructions is retained and available for use. These will constitute the ‘before’ trainings and they will be followed by the experiential full-consciousness etiquette training sessions that can only take place after you become fully conscious.


Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you on this special day with good news! Your reality is beginning to manifest its new, prosperous reality. Those in charge of the various world trusts are starting the procedures to release these immense funds. Meanwhile, those who are to bring forth your new style of governance are being directed by their celestial managers to finish compiling their lists of what they intend to accomplish once the oath of office has been administered to them. On the celestial front, the magical event that heralds these marvelous changes in governance is nearing manifestation! We are also asking our secret sacred societies to take their special prayers and rituals to the final appointed moments. You are almost at the point, collectively, where you can begin to easily perceive the first new shoots of your new reality. This is to be a most poignant moment in your global society’s history!

As we approach these unprecedented times, there are certain vital topics we want to address with you. First of all, dear Hearts, bear in mind that every last one of us has been playing a part which is now coming to an end. This is when this particular energy cycle gets completed, allowing us all to move on. The dark relishes judgment and discord and the new reality is all about Love. The job before us now is to finish up the end cycles of this reality, which includes separating out those of the dark cabal and the minions who carried out the unfair practices ordered by this cabal. These sundry Beings are to explain these disagreeable activities to you in detail, and it is here that you need to bear in mind the context and higher intent of everybody’s involvement in this Earth drama. You can bring completion to this cycle by invoking the Love of forgiveness that constitutes your essence. Then make sure that these individuals slip from power and are fully segregated from you.

We come now to honor this most sacred moment and to bless you all! We come also to assure you that our manifestation among you is to be something wholly natural. We have a lot of divine teachings to impart to you, which are mostly lessons we learned while we progressed from a mortal to an immortal Life. All blessed Beings are in service to the Divine, and this necessitates certain knowledge of the nature of Love, Light, and the natural blessings of Heaven. As you are shortly to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light, you will need to absorb a slew of information, including the responsibilities that come with such knowledge. This will be our joyous service. This schooling is divinely required before your full-on mentoring stage begins, which prepares you to pass into a new wonderland-style existence: full consciousness. It will be our honor to prepare you in this way as you await the arrival of your divine brethren from the skies and from Agartha.

Today we came to tell you about several things that are beginning in earnest. They are the first markers on the final leg of your journey to full consciousness. The dark comprehends this and trembles as this most blessed day arrives. The moment approaches for ‘days filled with wonder and miracles’! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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