Removing Dark Entities Within

Mother/Father God

Channel:  Kathryn May, PsyD
March 30 2013

Greetings, Dear Ones, we are pleased to give you the latest news about your planet’s progress. We are aware that we have a very different view from yours. On the ground, you are struggling with Darkness in every quarter – the forces of Darkness have fought back with ferocious energy as you have raised the vibrational levels steadily. You have courageously continued to march forward, doing the work you have chosen, bringing Light into the lives of others no matter how difficult it has been.


Some of you have been attacked from many sides, but the attacks are lessening, as you approach the victory of reclaiming your dear planet from the Dark Forces. It was your destiny as Lightworkers in the battle for the transition into the Light on behalf of the human race on Gaia, to place yourselves in the path of the Dark Ones in order to lead your soul Brothers and Sisters to a better future. You have tipped the balance, our Angels in human garb, with the help of your Masters and Guides who have tirelessly worked to support you even when it looked hopeless.


Our dear Jesus Sananda is there for you, healing hearts, easing the minds of exhausted Lightworkers, helping you to make contact with one another as you bring you Light to the most difficult corners of the globe, rescuing children from the clutches of abusers, healing sickness where medical care is lacking, teaching literacy and independence in the face of regressive religious lash-back. Everywhere you have raised your efforts, sacrificing your own comfort and your financial security. At the same time, the Dark Ones have become desperate, irrational, frantic to do anything they can to hold on to their power, but they have only made themselves look more and more ridiculous in their promotion of evil programs, suppressive activities, and disregard of humanitarian values.


There are some among you who have learned to defeat the Dark Entities directly by cooperating with Ascended Masters and Angels. It is possible, Dear Ones, to remove the Dark Entities from their hiding places inside the bodies of those who have been invaded by their presence. They have found a safe harbor inside many who have suffered from what may appear to you on the ground as bipolar disorder, or irrational and erratic behavior. This affliction has been treated in your current era with criminal prosecution of the innocent host, and massive drugging by the psychiatric Powers That Be. In an effort to appear “scientific” you have denied the reality that Dark Entities are indeed capable of taking up residence within the body of an unsuspecting host. This happens most often at times when the person who has been targeted is in a vulnerable state of emotional trauma, drug addiction, or despair.


The invading Dark Entity, usually the soul of a Fallen Angel, is able to hide from detection because your culture no longer accepts the idea of “possession.” You have thrown out the cure with the old superstitions about black magic. There is nothing magic about the process, but it is very real. Some among you, your dear channel included, who have been taught how to remove these entities in order to free the host, at last, to reclaim their peace of mind and happiness. The process is straight-forward, and can be done without undue drama, casting of spells, or other extraordinary measures.


We are asking Kathryn now to work with us to develop a straight-forward description of the process she uses, which others have also discovered in the process of their healing work. We wish to reassure you that it is not only possible to defeat these internally-dwelling Dark Ones, but to do it quickly, permanently, and to dispatch them back to Us, where we can at last welcome them into the Light. For some of them, it is the first time in eons that they have participated in the Karmic review, and the experience of Unconditional Love which can heal and change them. They have sustained their belief in the power of evil by never experiencing the Love and Light of our higher dimensions. This will not be allowed to continue. For every soul returned to the Light, a soul is recovered, “saved” as you might call it, and in the process, the innocent victims of these misguided misery-mongering Fallen Ones are also rescued.


Let us explain the truth of these dynamics, which may sound too “far out” for you to comprehend. It has been a common practice for some Dark Ones, when they are reluctant to return to the Light after death of their bodies to “reincarnate” by hitching a ride within the bodies of hosts, who are sometimes aware before their return for this lifetime that they will be of service in this way – by offering themselves as vessels, to spare others who might be completely overtaken by the Dark Ones who might then have performed any number of destructive and murderous acts. These heroic souls are Lightworkers in disguise. They are most often seen as mentally ill, or if the Dark Entity gains ascendance, criminally insane. They are in fact the ones who have spared the rest of you the torment of living with another personality, another soul force, inside your body. It is now the time of release, of freeing each of you from your long-suffering sacrifice. This was part of the agreement when these courageous souls took on this burden in service to humankind.


The process of removing the Dark Entities safely, insuring that they are not simply released to prey on others, is to work with Jesus and his team of healers, who then have the power, with the host’s permission, to overcome and finally to escort the Dark Entity or Entities to the Light. It is a joint effort, always involving the presence of one or more incarnate Lightworkers, who carry the role of identifying the host, teaching about the process in such a way that the host soul will be prepared for the process and the important healing which is required afterward. This prevents the re-entry of other Dark Entities who might now be looking for a safe haven. It is most important for the host to understand that the removal of their tormentor is permanent and non-negotiable. No captured Entity is ever allowed to return to cause suffering, but the victim must learn to fill themselves up with themselves – literally re-establish their ownership and possession of their own bodies, their unique Self in command.


Here is a brief description of the symptoms the host experiences in the throes of possession by a Dark Entity. They commonly complain that their unfriendly or destructive actions and feelings are “not me” but they feel frustratingly unable to change or control themselves. Psychiatric drugs may have dulled the suffering a bit, making the person more vegetable-like, but do not remove the Dark Entity, and in fact reduce the host’s ability to fight against it. This has been one of their favorite techniques to overtake Lightworkers and stop them in their ability to do their good works. A second symptom that an individual is afflicted by very extreme fluctuations in personality traits – they shift from gentle, generous, kind and loving to vicious, with nothing in between. When they gain ascendency over the Dark One by the power of their own soul strength, they will tell you how sorry they are, how mortified by their own behavior they feel, and how powerless they are to control their own outbursts. This is true, but it is also important for the friends and relatives of the one who still harbors the Dark One to understand that they are in danger as long as the Entity remains within.


It sometimes requires an expert eye to detect the difference between a Dark Entity incarnated on Earth – those you have called psychopaths and sociopaths, the ones Kathryn writes about in her book – and a Light soul who has been taken over and is living in tandem with the Dark energy. We ask you to read our book to educate yourselves so that you are able to look into the eyes of your loved ones, friends and acquaintances who suffer, and become the army of Lightworkers who bring these people to help, or who can be trained to perform these deeply meaningful and life-saving rituals yourselves.


Do not picture cult-like magic ceremonies, or huge gatherings of screaming and fainting, strangely-garbed participants. None of this is necessary or advisable. It is a process which can only be performed by individuals of deep Faith who are able to suspend ego in order to offer their services without fanfare or drama. It is a process which would be appropriately performed by psychologists, clinical social workers and other highly-skilled psychotherapists as a part of their healing work, since they are the ones best trained to identify the differences described above. However, the skill of reliable identification is not based in academic training but in empathy and heart-centered willingness to be objective, and above all, to selflessly be of service to others.


With this in mind, we are asking Kathryn to add yet another assignment to her duties, to go out across the country to offer workshops which will combine the Visual Centering techniques, which are a powerful healing and recovery tool for the newly-freed victims of indwelling Dark Ones, with experiential training in the Entity-removal process, so that many of you can become more effective healers yourselves, and so that you can bring your family members and friends to be healed.


We will work with Kathryn to create a schedule of workshops in much-needed areas of the world, and she will work with you to arrange these events. Please be aware that she will no longer be able to respond, as she has gladly done in the past, to your lengthy personal requests for advice and emotional support. Her work of answering individual emails will need to be reduced in order to free her to reach larger groups. Join in the process of learning with her by listening to our radio show, by helping to arrange workshops and conferences, and in the process, your questions will be answered and your needs fulfilled. You may want to re-read this before you ask specific questions.


We will be with you in everything you do, Dear Children, and will appear to you in your dreams and in all your waking hours if you only open your hearts and minds to join with us as we walk the Path of Light,


Your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, March 30, 2013, 6 AM.

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