The Command Center

Message from Mushaba

Channeled through Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

April 7, 2013


Greetings Dear Earth Family!


I am Mushaba and I am what you may call the leader of the Mushaba Race of Beings. I am the father of the chief Earth Representative of the Mushaba Force, and The Mushaba People, Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba and his beautiful family. I introduce myself to you of the CommandCenter group in a more formal way however, I am hardly a formal man! I come to you this day to share some information about this command center and just a little piece of what it all involves. There is far to much information to share in one sitting however, it will be forth coming over a period of time as the command center takes on a momentum that leads to it’s eventual manifestation on earth!


The command center could be looked at as an Embassy, A United Galactic Embassy of Extra-terrestrial Worlds. It will be the place and places as the others are set up and operational, where all galactic races that come to Earth will come to check in, to make there presence and intentions known. There will be many civilizations represented in this center. However, my focus today is on the Mushaba People. The Name Mushaba has been growing in awareness among the people of earth in the last few years. It has been very active in fact since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There is so much history and information to be shared concerning the involvement of the Mushaba People with you of Earth stemming from the Planet Maldek over eight thousand million years ago! There was a promise made to the people of Maldek who now are residents of Planet earth, and a part of that promise is being fulfilled, and another part of that promise is the upcoming command centers that will be manifested worldwide!


In the beginning we the Mushaba’s along with Creator knew that in the billions of years to come, there would be a need to establish these Embassies, these command centers as you of Earth call them. We also built the Nexus Mother ship with this in mind as well. This is why it will be the main ship that will be the hub of communication and interaction with all of the galactic worlds, and the command centers all of the world. These centers will be the most beautiful structures to behold! They will have many aspects to them and many rooms and rooms within rooms. You will have many galactic civilizations contributing to these centers and will have some of their

technology in these canters as well as some of their designs for the various rooms and wings of the centers. Yes, there will be different wings to these places. There will be rooms that are completely crystal rooms for various purposes from crystal healing rooms, crystal communication rooms, crystal rejuvenation rooms, Crystal conduit rooms for transference of information and others that I will not speak about at this particular moment.


There will be rocks,, stones, and crystals from all over the universe in these rooms. The Mushaba crystal rooms will be created with the Mushaba crystals; some being the beautiful original Force of the Sparkling Midnight Black crystals, and also the Multi-colored crystals of soft pink with purple spirals. There are some others yet to be revealed to earth. Some of these crystals are available now on Earth but in limited supply at this time. There will be a room of Mushaba Light Fire which looks like light on fire! It will be black, blue, purple, and pink. Then there will be other Mushaba Light Fire colors revealed in time. Each carrying its pronounced frequency of transformation and change. When you walk through this ring of Mushaba Light fire, it will purify, transform and change the very frequency of life force within you as well as every single cell, atom, molecule, proton, neutron and electron you contain. There is something else that walking through that ring of Mushaba Light Fire will do and that will be a mystery until such time!


The people of Earth will have the opportunity to meet a being that is a major player in all of Earth’s transformation even though you haven’t heard about this being. His name is Maldion and there will be more forth coming about him and his partner Corin, the Daughter of Father God, and Sister to the Queen of the Universe.


These centers will be a major source of earth total transformation and evolvement as humanity opens themselves to all that will be offered. They will also be transportation stations to other places in the universe! You will not be left disappointed in any way! Keep up the energy of manifestation of the center in Sante Fe, NM and eventually other places in the world for they truly are places of Magic, Miracles and Manifestations!


I want you all to be fully aware of what you have set into motion and what you are bringing into your world. It is wondrous indeed! I honor you all and I bow before you in humbleness and Deep and Abiding Love of the Mushaba Force and Its people. We await your presence at the centers! By the way, the centers already exist on one level as it is making its way into your dimension!


With The deepest of Love and Integrity and profound admiration for all of you,

I am Mushaba


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