You Must Be Vigilant And Counter Every Incident With Love

Lord Ashtar, Commander Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation

Received by Lucy C., Messenger

April 18, 2013

How grateful we are for the beautiful energy of love, stillness, and oneness that each of you brings into this room. It is this energy you create that can overlay the latest incident in the Boston area. This overlay of love, of inner quietness and peace, of knowing that you and all are a part of God, is your gift of Heaven – and you can extend this grace especially to those who perpetrated the violence. 
At the same time you and all who listen need to heed the warning that this is a group that needs to be watched carefully, for they are ones who will incite riots and revolution.
As El Morya has told you, this is a critical time. The Fifth Dimensional Divine Energies are pouring into your planet, and as they combine with third dimensional energies, which are both Yin and Yang – Duality – the result is chaos and a polarization of the dark aspect of Duality. It is fighting back now, for it cannot tolerate the increasing Light energy. Quite frankly you could say it drives the darkened ones crazy! 
It is because of this negative response to the heightened energy that you witness incidents such as Sandy Hook and now in Boston. And there will be more such occurrences, Dear Hearts. That is why you must be ready to immediately overlay any incident of violence with the energy of love, stillness and oneness that you feel here today.
It is a time for all Light Workers – you, the Children of God – to come quickly to the aid of the Light. There are those in the news media who would incite the unstable masses to rise up. Whenever you hear or read anything that is not of the Light, you must immediately become Light Warriors – or, like Archangel Michael, warriors for Peace. Take his sword and slash through negative thought forms. Then replace them with the Father/Mother’s energy of Love. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to be our emissaries. 
Earth’s astrological aspects speak of the polarizing energies now transforming Earth and
humanity. They bring the change that is needed, yes; but your divine assignment is to fill the Earth with Light.
Never think for a moment that anything has been lost. And all are gaining so much from this Earth experience. Do you not realize that once you have completed your journey into the Fifth Dimension, what you have learned by coping with the lower dimensional energies
will be valuable to the entire Universe? It makes you stronger by increasing your dedication to the Father of Us All, to His cause of Light and Evolution.
As you journey forth among the stars and the heavens there will be a frequency, a calling, that you will answer. Those of you who choose to do so will serve, with your understanding, planets that are just beginning to arise in their ascension. Many of you will be called thusly and discover boundless joy serving others with the knowledge you have gained through your experience in Duality.
Dear Ones, take heart and know that you are progressing rapidly on your path to ascension. We are very pleased. God blesses each and every one of you, and may His love and light, the power of His Holy Spirit, be upon you now and forevermore.
I am he, who is
Lord Ashtar

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