Now Is the Time for All Good Men/Women to Come to the Aid of Their Country

Petition Major News Media to Cover the Citizens Hearing On Disclosure!

Channel:  Ashtar/Athena

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.


 Beloved Family, Greetings,

We up here on the ship are eagerly waiting to have our first contact!  So let us mention an important event that is very important to manifest in your world.  It is the Disclosure Hearing in Washington DC, April 29th through May 3rd.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Light, now is your opportunity to make this happen by contacting all of the news media in your country (you know who they are).  I suggest that, if possible, you call them and have them announce this important, historical event. It will open the door for all to get their freedom back.  And that is their legal right which your blessed Constitution represents.

I have already signed the petition that is being posted on and suggest that you join me.

Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command
The Galactic Federation of Light.


Click Here or Below to sign the petition

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