Message from Ashtar/Athena — Go Along With the Flow

May 09 2013   11:11 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.
Dear Ones, Greetings,
Wondering why things haven’t happened as yet the way it was all expected?  It isn’t always as it seems. So let me explain: there are clouds overhead and it looks like rain… you grab your umbrella and thunder is loud and lightening crackling over the darkened sky as you are preparing for the storm… for heavy drops of rain to pour down. Then, all of a sudden, things change … out pops the beautiful sun!
This is the way it happens when we get signs and clues that something is about to happen… and it doesn’t… not the way we thought.
Dear ones, this happens with all of us; me included.  We, up here, are not magicians; we do not have a magical wand to wave whenever we want something to happen. It’s just like “it looks like rain” so to speak. It had all the signs and feelings of a taste of magic, but… things changed. To all of our surprise, it didn’t happen.
Maybe this was a test… for us all!  To not expect so much because we wanted it more than we could say.
Go along with the flow, dear Ones, in the Now, and trust… have faith… and don’t try, or want it so much that we imagine it is going to be.
We never know when something happens; then, all of a sudden, to have it change! This is what happened when we all thought we would uncloak. It had all the signs and clues in every way… but it changed!  And there were others who thought the same.
Now, loved ones, now the question is … WHY?  For one thing, the time line was not the same as yours. The time line was correct on our side, but not on yours. They were not the same. We got them mixed up ourselves!  We apologize.
Dear ones. You are now moving upwards into OUR timeline where there is no time and you are not adjusted nor aware of this very fact. So we all must go along with the flow and have patience!  And time is in the NOW. So remember, dear Ones … Patience is the answer!
This glorious time will happen. The promise has already been made. And YOU were the ones who chose for this time to happen. All is really in Divine Order.
You have invited us, Dear Ones, and nothing can stop your effort of trust, hard work, and faith. Most of all, our Great Master and World Teacher, Sananda, has great faith and has never given up on his great love for his brothers and sisters to reach their Ascension and for our dear Mother Gaia’s Ascension, as well.
Blessings, Peace and Love,
Your Galactic Brother,  Ashtar

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