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The Sirius Film is available for view now!  Make sure you see this amazing disclosure film.  So many people have been asking about how they can see this amazing film.
1) Video on Demand is available.  You may preorder now by clicking here:
2) The DVD of the film will be shipped the end of May.   You may preorder now: click here.  If you gave $35 or more your incentive gift DVD will be shipped end of May.  If your address has recently changed please send the new address to:  (Please be sure to include your name and e-mail as used in your original donation.)



Other News:
At the CSETI YouTube channel there are many many fascinating interviews:
Just a sample:
Franklin Carter – Electronics technician
Dr. Richard Haines – NASA research scientist
Enrique Kolbeck – Air Traffic Controller
Commander Graham Bethune
and many more

UK Contact Expedition and Crop Circle Tour – July 27 – August 3, 2013

click here for more information

3 of Dr. Greer’s books are now available on e-books.

You may download them from our store.  They will soon be available via Nook, Kindle and I tunes.     


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