Your Silent Watcher — Christ Self

Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
June 14, 2013  –  9:25 PM Mountain


This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Greetings, Beloved Family,

Many changes are happening on your world, day in and day out.  Lately, have you noticed that you are fatigued and also, this new Light and Energy is changing your world for the better?  I suggest, my sweet ones, to drink a lot of water!  Like, have you taken every opportunity to see your I AM Presence in your mirror?  Do you see It beautiful and Light and glowing, from above your physical self?  Yes, dear hearts, that is your Real Self – God Self.

As you may remember, the last message was about your I AM Presence and how the Ray of Light cord … the Silver Cord … enters the top of the head and goes to the Heart and to the base of the brain.  And this is how you have Life.

This is an unconscious action on the part of the outer self, but consciously carried on by the Christ Self (Higher Mental Body) and Body Elemental; there being distributed enough Light for the body to function properly in the physical, to render the services in the outer that the Christ Self wants to do in that embodiment and fulfill the Divine Plan.  In mankind today, much of the energy is drawn down by the outer self and used discordantly in the various human expressions.  But it should be poured back in Love to the Magic I AM Presence, thus completing the circuit.  That is the right action.    

Remember, your Christ Self (Higher Mental Body) knows your every requirement and does release it.  The Christ Self is a feeling Being as well as a mental Being.  It is the Silent Watcher of the individual.  It regulates the amount of energy flowing through the Silver Cord. 

The increasing pressure of Cosmic Light is causing every lifestream, through the Christ Self, to choose either for the Light, or otherwise.

The Presence, called into action, compels selective, discriminative activities of the Christ Self.  Alertness is the discriminative selective intelligence of the Christ Self. 

Your Christ Self will not stay close to you when there is discord in the feelings, but recedes.

Your Presence, through your Christ Self, is your only judge. The Presence and Christ Self are really one in action.  Your Christ Self is, or should be, your Divine Director. 

Have you ever thought where the dividing line is?  It is where the human and the Divine meet – The Christ Self. 

Christ is a principal; Jesus was the man.  The  Christ Principal is that energy that can no longer be contaminated by the human.

Your Christ Self decides what can be done for you.  It goes to the Presence, talks to It, and gets authority. The Christ Self is the spokesman; It acts through the direction of the Presence.

Ascended Master consciousness is consciousness which has attained Perfection. The Christ Self calls to the Ascended Masters Who project Their consciousness, the Masters’ feeling of having attained, into the feeling of the individual (the outer self). This gives the assistance the Christ Self requires and It can then do what It wants done. Since the outer self has not made the Ascension, the Christ Self does not have the feeling of attainment which, of course, the Ascended Master has.

On retiring, charge  your Christ Self to take command and produce Perfection while your body sleeps.  You can charge the body with youth and beauty.

You can cause your Christ Self to demand certain things.

The Christ Self will render the service for which you have called when It sees there is no questioning in you. During transition – at the time just before passing – a person cannot speak an untruth. This is so because their own Christ Self has taken command.

Your Christ Self wants Perfection for you – more than you do – more than you can know in the outer mind. It is the One Who brings you in contact with instruction when you are seeking it.  With the assistance of the Ascended Ones Who also want your Perfection, this Christ Self draws you in a perfectly natural way in contact with this or some teaching of Truth.  Sometimes people do not accept, but ridicule or criticize, and go their own merry way.  That is just like slamming the door on your Christ Self – slamming the door in It’s Face. 

Christ is the Action of God. And the full power of Its manifestation will make you Divine. The Heart is Divine. That organ in your body is Divine. Yes, dear Hearts, your Christ Self is your Silent Watcher.

Blessings and Love beyond all words,

Your Galactic Brother, Lord Ashtar



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