New Adventures, Inside and Out


Channel:   Kathryn E. May, PsyD
June 29, 2013

We would like to encourage all who are reading this to take part in the Saturday call at 9 am. Pacific, 12 EDT, with Zorra, hosted by Anne DeHart of the Hollow Earth Network.  Our channel Kathryn will be taking over from Zorra’s son Zarayah to channel Zorra for the large community of followers who have been listening to Zorra’s words of wisdom, current events information and health and wellness exercises for more than two years.  There will be important announcements about the state of the world, updates on the details of the release of the NESARA funds, and general information about Earth and Galactic developments.
Kathryn has agreed to allow the world to experience her learning process as she develops the skill of transchanneling.  This means that she not only channels the words and emotional tone of the Entity she is channeling, but she will actually trade bodies with Zorra in order to allow him to speak through her, while she enjoys taking part in the environment of Hollow Earth or wherever Zorra might have been when the trade took place.  Listeners will hear of her learning process and her adventures in Zorra’s body.  It will be unusually enlightening for all.
Now, we will send you a short message of encouragement and praise for the work you have done on the issues you uncovered as a result of our last few messages. Some have objected to the teaching methods we used, insisting on calling it “manipulative,” although we went to great lengths to explain the necessity to create a scenario for you which would allow the least disruption to your lives while also providing you with a challenge which would stretch your patience.  The purpose was to give you the opportunity to experience yourselves grappling with a disappointing, confusing sequence of events so that you could practice managing your emotions.
Many of you have commented that you were pleased that you were able to maintain your balance, remain open to what might unfold, and to go on with life without undue emotion.  That is a triumph, indeed.  This is the ascension learning process at work.  These small tests we have offered you are better than the more stressful obstacles you have encountered in your lives previously, are they not?  You did not have to experience an automobile accident or a death or an argument with your partner to find yourself grappling with your feelings.
Unfortunately, some were angered by the exercise, finding themselves responding to our efforts as if it were a betrayal, of the sort they had experienced in their lives.  This is just the point, isn’t it, Dear Ones?  The perfect test creates something similar to the old familiar triggers, and you learn to respond differently with practice.  This was the principle of transference which Freud made famous nearly 100 years ago. 
Anyone who has participated in a rigorous form of psychotherapy knows the usefulness of working through old feelings in the presence of a trusted guide.  This is the role we play for you in this modern experience of working with Us to clear away conditioned responses from childhood.  In the process, you can learn to feel our compassion and endless Love for you.  That is the cure for a bad childhood, Beloved Ones – knowing the love of your Creators, which can heal all wounds.
There is one condition which must exist as a prerequisite for this profound healing, however.  That is the ability to maintain your deep Faith in the connection with Us, knowing that our Love is constant and unwavering.  Without that trust, you would naturally believe that our actions were designed to annoy or upset you.  This is what you have experienced from your human family, and this is what your religions have taught you about God.  We wish to reassure you that we do not ever create conditions for you in order to manipulate you or hurt you.  That would be unthinkable for Us.  We are the essence of pure Love, nothing else.
Why then could we have devised an exercise for you that would bring forth such mixed feelings, and for some, rage?  Because the time is approaching for you to be truly tested.  The final test of whether you have raised your vibration enough to ascend in the first wave will be completely impersonal – as impersonal as measuring your height to see if you are tall enough to reach the top shelf, or measuring the resonance of your voice to see if you can announce the beginning of the race.  
Hindu Image 
Have you raised your vibration sufficiently?  This means that you have experienced difficult challenges and have been able to keep your “cool,”  and you are able to maintain a high vibration even in the face of surprises, disruptions to your familiar belief systems or controlled routine.  This high level of vibration is achieved not by controlling your environment to make sure you are never tested; just the opposite.  It means jumping into the deep water to prove to yourself that you know how to swim.
There is a New Age idea which dictates that any true or valuable spiritual experience must feel good.  Can you imagine that Jesus’ experience on the cross was a “feel good” moment?  Certainly he would have preferred a pleasant hour of meditation, but that would not have provided the profound spiritual learning experience which has echoed down through the ages.  It has been misinterpreted to imply that suffering is what is noble, rather than the true lesson of Love which conquers all Darkness.  
Planet Earth is known as the place of greatest challenges and greatest growth.  This is why you came here, is it not?  You were not required to choose this time and place.  Are you not here to conquer Darkness?  This is the project we are here to accomplish during this era.  It is well understood throughout the Universe that the Ascension of Planet Earth will require that humankind learn, finally, to eradicate the Darkness in themselves.  You are aware that the Dark emotions are on the continuum from annoyance to anger to rage.  Why then do you claim that you are on a spiritual path when you see yourself responding with anger and vindictiveness under any circumstances?
Have we not taught you that taking responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions is the paramount goal?  Why then do you make exceptions for yourself when you behave angrily, regardless of the circumstances?  You have made a rule that there are justifications for your reactions, providing the other person was annoying, or out to get you, or their opinion was wrong, or you were having a bad day, or it was God who annoyed you.  No, Dearest Ones, we are telling you that all anger must be transmuted, translated into positive action by filtering it through your I AM Presence, which is Love.
The time for Dark emotions is past.  Planet Earth is moving into the higher fifth dimension and above, where there is no anger, jealousy, greed, competitiveness, vindictiveness or revenge.  These are the dimensional expressions which must be left behind, through rigorous practice and the expanded perspective which allows you to feel the truth of your Oneness with all things.  The historic opportunity is upon you.  Do not flag in your efforts to examine every comment, every reaction, every thought.  Be courageous in your resolve to leave behind these ancient emotions, normalized by generations of Reptilian teachings and conditioning. 
Boldly step into the Golden Age, Beloveds, with your banner of Light and Love raised high.  Do not slide back into the old; celebrate every foray into the new.  Get to know the mantra:  Transmogrify!  Modify, evolve, transmute old patterns in order to completely replace them with resilience, creativity, resourcefulness and compassion. You will discover new levels of patience, peace of mind and happiness beyond anything you have imagined.  It is your birthright, the glory you were born to experience.  Do not stop until you have reached your full potential – the I AM Presence in which you say, I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Joy, I AM God.
We love you endlessly,
Your Mother/Father God
via Kathryn May, June 29, 2013, 1 AM

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