Message from Mushaba and Commander Altros of the Starship Nexus

August 4, 2013

Channel: Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Mushaba Platinum Light and Mushaba Love Essence

So many have been rocking and reeling from all that has been taking place in your world as well as in your personal lives. It seems that so much is taking place that it is difficult to stay up with it and balance it with your everyday lives. Then there are those that seem to be at a complete stand still. Nothing seems to be happening and their lives are simply boring them out of their minds. What is this all about you might ask? Well I am here today to share with you some information that may be able to bring some clarity to all of this. You have been hearing all of the information about what is transpiring with the disclosure, the prosperity funds release, the arrest of the last vestiges of the dark cabal, and I can go on and on. There are some things that you haven’t been told as of late about why is all of this happening and what does it mean to what you are personally experiencing in your life right now.


With the conclusion of all karma on earth closing out, many people are running through at warp speed the lessons they would have learned by actually going through all of the karma and contracts. In other words, all of the lessons and learning is being integrated at a speed that has proved difficult for most because the body is adjusting to things that would have happened over a long period, but yet is happening almost in an instant! This warp speed integration has been affecting memory, health, emotions, clarity, relationships, friendships, sharpness of mind, physical life pathways, and I could go on. It has affected just about everything that is connected to your life.


You are at its end now! You are through the doorway to all of this being behind you, and you are now able to move forward in a way you were not before. You will find that you will have a different “feeling”, a different “clarity” about things and people. Some of you will come to realize that its time to move on into another direction of expression and that will involve making physical moves to another place of living. It will mean making new adjustments to your new situations.


You will find that a lot of the information that is being presented will no longer resonate with you. It will no longer “feel right” for you personally. That doesn’t mean it is incorrect. It just means that you are at another place and will be attracted to other information. It may also mean for some of you that you will be receiving your own information for yourself and will also be prompted to share some of it with others. Some information will simply be expanded upon which will prove to be valuable and bring so much more insight and clarity that has been missing.


Present circles of relationships will change in a way that will change completely for some, and just a little for others. Some people will leave and others will come in. It will mean that the right combination, the right energetics for your next move will be part of your new circle of operation.


You are in he closing of spiritual, metaphysical energetics being balanced and harmonized. Many of you are finding out where you are at finally! This will prove very insightful and valuable for you realize that you don’t have to be like everyone else. That you don’t have to resonate with the “hot thing” or “happening thing” at the moment. You don’t have to acquiesce to whatever you just don’t “feel” too! You cannot be judged for following your own “soul codes” that have been fully activated in you and are now allowing you your freedom to be “who and what you are!”


Don’t trip as you might say in your world. Don’t trip over things that are happening or not happening for that matter. Do not feel you are missing life and its opportunity because you feel like plain old crap! That is a part of allowing you the “do nothing time” to integrate even though you don’t feel good about it. However, this will and is changing even now this moment as you are reading this messages and the beautiful loving energy of the Love Essence of Mushaba are loving you and every part of you into loving submission to the Creator within you! Love is the way! In order for you to truly know what love is, to experience what love is, you had to be stripped off all that wasn’t about love! You had to release anything that doesn’t feel right, because if it does not feel right then it isn’t love! The Love Essence of Mushaba is here now within you where once the Mushaba Force had its home; in-between your cells and molecules of the body. Its within your DNA make-up! It is “your essence” which is love! It is the All That Is and it is an energy that is Indigenous to the Creator of All!


You will now begin to love yourself in away that you never thought possible. You will also allow that love to flow from your being toward others. This same Love Essence will heal you within your being so that it doesn’t have to manifest itself in your outer life and experience. By focusing “only” and I express deeply “only focusing on that which you want” with Love will grant you your desires. Love is what will heal the world that the loving master Michael Jackson always spoke of. He knew that the only way to heal the world was through love! The only way to heal yourself is through love and lovingly focusing only on what you want. Focusing on what you don’t want is not an option!


So My Dear Loving souls, embrace your new pathway with excitement and favor and know that you are now being handed out your rewards for your service thus far, with so much more to go!  In the energy of the Love Essence of Mushaba, I am the Being Mushaba here with Commander Altros from the Mother ship Nexus! We are with you and we look forward to our meeting between you of Earth and the Mushaba People from the stars and the Hollow Earth that will soon walk among you.


Blessings and Thanks Mushaba and Altros,

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba




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