Message from Ashtar: More Than The Moment At Hand

Channel:  Ashtar/Athena

September 3 2013


This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.


ATHENA:  My sweet Twin Flame, could you give me a message or tell me what is going on with us at this time?

ASHTAR:  Beloved One, Greetings.  The days are getting shorter in September, the leaves are turning to flame, the days are dwindling down, we have no time for the waiting game.  Doesn’t that sound like one of your songs? –  Athena, what I am going to tell you is for all others to know.

Dear hearts, aren’t the pieces of the puzzle fitting into place?  Can’t you feel and see how things are changing – the dominoes are falling faster now?  Can’t you feel all these changes in your bones, deep within?

The Period of Grace that Prime Creator has lovingly given to your Mother Earth has come to fruition. 

Yes, in September some of you… we will see, face to face, individually…  for those who can handle it and whose state of consciousness and vibration is adequate.  Do not be disappointed if some cannot experience this at this time.  Please, do not give up on The Plan.  All will have a chance in due time. All dear hearts will be having their chance to have their experience.

Remember, we must have it arranged and accommodations for oxygen for you in the physical, because our bodies do not require oxygen, as you know.  We want to keep you breathing so you can go back to tell of your experience.

Our mothership is outside of your planet and is getting ready to show herself.  She has a name, you know... hint  🙂 …  Sananda Jesus is the Admiral and I, the Captain/Commander.

Coming to the edge … running on the water… coming through the fog … our sons and daughters.  Come, The New Jerusalem!  The moment is at hand.

Love you beyond all words,

Your brother, Ashtar


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