The Love Essence of Mushaba – Porda Returns

Message from Porda through Anakhanda Mushaba

February 12, 2014


Greetings and Mushaba Love to All!


I now return to speak to you about the ‘Love Essence of Mushaba’. But first, those that are not familiar with me, I am the father of Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. I recently left this dimension to bask in the beauty, glory, and ever lasting life of the higher dimensions. My name is Wali Karriem Mushaba, or better known as Papa Mushaba. I am one of the strongest originators of the Force. I am the originator of the Nexus Mothership in an energetic pattern of its eventual creation. At that time my name was Nextra which has bearing on the Nexus.


The Nexus Mothership, is one that was engineered through Mushaba technology and therefore resonates and continues to hold the Mushaba energies and vibrations. My soul was a contributing sacred signature energy to this creation. And yes, it is there, for now, that I serve Mother Earth and the Mushaba energies from.  I speak to you as my higher self known as Porda. This subject of the Love Essence can fill volumes of writings for it is the epitome of All That Is!


In my last message to you, I spoke a little bit about the Mushaba Force Energy to lay a foundation to better understand what I am about to share with you now. Love is all there is. Everything else is a misrepresentation of Love. When a being, anything, fail to recognize the Love within, they can only see the misrepresentation of Love which shows itself as many things. Things such as darkness, evil, less than, better than, not good enough, unworthy, angry, hateful, judgmental, etc. Humanity and all of this creation is moving to the embracing and acceptance and understanding of what Love is; Of what the truth that is contained within the original energy, the original frequency of Love. That original frequency of Love is Mushaba. That is why it is said that:


When you speak “Mushaba”, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight”


Why? Because its the Love that is broadcast within the soft whisper of Mushaba that sends the original frequency of Love  through every living atom in all living things causing a casual pause, and then the atoms trembles with the fullness of delight!


It began with Mushaba in the First Universe. In the First Universe all there was is Love. There were no other dual or counter energies present. But because of the natural propensity to evolve and expand, there was a decision made for the Mushaba Race to create the Second Universe to experience duality which means that the non experience of Love would be an entirely new experience for the Mushaba Beings. Thus the Second Universe was created for the duality experience. This is when the Mushaba People and the Mushaba Force Energy came into this universe. As St. Germain said through the gift of Nancy Tate, whom I will be delivering messages through as well:


SG: Yes, though they did know that there would be a coming journey for them, an expression of what they knew, it was beyond their scope of information what would be coming. That is what we speak of when we say the expression of creativity in the innocence of truth.


The original Love came too, however, it could not come in its fullness at that time. It wasn’t possible in the duality experience. However, it was there contained within the Mushaba Force, but encoded to awaken, time set if you will, to activate at a certain point in evolution slowly enough so that it could support us in our journey. That sudden strength you get at times from nowhere. That sudden inspiration you feel  that over takes you at times. It shows in so many ways for it is simply individual sparks of original Love that was brought forward to support you at that given moment. Now its getting so much stronger than ever before.


So now we are living in the time where the Love Essence of Mushaba is beginning to open the codes of original Love within humanity. Look at the words Love essence. What does it speak to you?


The meaning of essence is:

1. The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.

2, The most important ingredient; the crucial element.

3. The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things.



1. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude or a sense of underlying oneness.

2. A feeling of intense desire and attraction


The explanation of Love just doesn’t hit correctly. Its to material, physical in its meaning and perception. Its stated that Love is a bunch of certain feelings. I’m here to tell you that it is not! Love is:

A Frequency, a state of being, and in this frequency there are other sets of frequencies that are related to the Love essence or as the explanation states: “The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify. The most important crucial element and ingredient, the inherent unchanging nature of things.


So when we speak of the Love Essence of Mushaba, we are speaking of something that is intrinsic, meaning; that it isn’t something that is learned. It is inherent. We are all made from this Love Essence. Love is not only the most important and crucial element, it is “The Element” and anything else that comes because of it within the realm or sphere of Love are various frequencies that are broadcast from the essence of it. It was the Mushaba Force that brought all of this, this far toward and into our freedom and empowerment and our return to pure original Love. It is  now the Love Essence of Mushaba that will take us into the full scope of what Love is, of Love lived, of Love experienced. There is a Pure, Original Love connection from the First Universe to this one that is inherent within the force of Mushaba which means it is inherent in everyone because everyone has the Force within their being, The Mushaba Force supported everything and everyone in its greatness and evolvement and the Love Essence of Mushaba will support and lay the journey forward for all and everything to return to the full expression of original Love. It doesn’t matter that it may not be recognized by everyone as Mushaba. It doesn’t matter what name someone chooses to give it. What matters is its purpose being served for all.


On earth we use so many names and titles for the same thing. Many times its simply an off shoot of the original. The Love Essence of Mushaba is beginning to swell within humanity and allowing more hearts to be open and clear. Connecting with this original Love Essence is the key to ascension, to expanding your full consciousness. To stepping fully and consciously into your God Oneness! It will hone your spiritual skills and capabilities to a level you wouldn’t dream of because of the power and depth of what is within this Love Essence. Because Mushaba is the original expression of Love, once you know Love and I mean truly know Love, Mushaba takes you to the next step beyond the knowing of Love. Can you even imagine what that may be! All of it everywhere, in every creation not just this creation that we are aware of, but all the other creations are all held together by the Original Love Essence.


How did we get into what is called evil. It is because they strayed so far away from the original Love in this duality that they could not feel Love. They could not identify with Love. They could  not see the light or recognize the light that they have within. Because when you step away from Love, the further you step away the dimmer your light gets. The closer you step toward it, the brighter your light gets.


You will find that more and more lighted beings will begin to step forward and speak about the Mushaba Energy and what their role in it is. For instance the one below named Zorpheus.


“I am Zorpheus, overlighting soul that is currently participating in creating further rings of Growth, Love, Ascension and Passion for the Mushaba Energy at this time. I am aligned with the Mushaba Energy – although I am not of the Mushaba Energy. I come now because it is now time to reveal the truth about the Mushaba Energy and its role in everything of creation. I am fascinated by this energy and I choose to involve myself with it as in-depth as possible. What a far celestial force this is!”


In closing I would like for Anakhanda to add the piece from Nancy’s recent Wakeup Call from St. Germain. I feel it is very fitting!


SG: There will indeed come a time when many more will not only realize the truth about the Mushaba Energy, but they will begin to feel and see the connection they have with it, for it is within everyone, just as the Christed Energy is. As we go down these roads of truth and find the missing pieces we will become more and more aware of what we have been undergoing and what steps to take from where we are in the moment. It is a matter of being in the Now and seeing it in joy, peace and Love.


Thank You and Mushaba Love and Blessings to everyone of my beautiful people of humanity! We are family and I will come again.


Thank You Papa!

The Deepest of Love!

Anakhanda Mushaba


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