The Love Essence of Mushaba

Message from Porda (Anakhanda Mushaba’s Earth father) through Anakhanda Mushaba.

February 9, 2014


Greetings and Mushaba Love to All!


I come to you today not as Papa Mushaba of Earth, but as who I am in my originality of the Mushaba Race. I am known in my higher being as Porda and I come to share with you information as to what has and what is taking place within the Mushaba Force Energy. This beautiful, magnificent Mushaba Force Frequency that played such a paramount and extensive role in all of what this creation has to offer, has served well throughout infinity. It still serves but in a more evolved way.


You may ask, how can something that is Divine Love and Oneness, that is created as love from the pool of original force evolve any higher. Well, there is always evolvement. Many years ago through the Mushaba Teachings, brought forward by my son Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, we were told that God and Goddess will some day evolve into another position within this creation and someone else will step up to that position. That is taking place as we speak. Even though this info was ahead of its time and was not accepted by many, it is now something that everyone can grasp and accept. You are hearing it now through other channels bringing forward information about ascension and evolvement.


You see, God and Goddess as did many, many beings throughout creation, would come to Planet Mushaba for greater evolvement because of the planet and its atmosphere, and what it has to offer in ways that will at some point be explained. It was a hot spot of evolvement energies and it has to do with the availability of the Original Force, the Pure Divine Love Frequencies, and all that is contained with the potential of Freedom and Empowerment.


The Mushaba Force itself which comes from the Pool of Original Force, contains every possibility and potential that is or ever will exist for Freedom and Empowerment within its frequency. Its only purpose is that Love be brought forth and to guard Love and create a place/space where Love Is!


It is true that without this Mushaba Force of Freedom and Empowerment being imbued within all of creation, every  atom, every cell, every strand of DNA, this creation of this second universe would not exist. The Creator works with and used this same Mushaba Force Energy to bring forward many aspects of creation. The Creator is very familiar with this Force. We as people on earth would not exist without this force for the Mushaba Force is within each of you that is on this earth as well as all of nature. It is in-between the cells and molecules of the body. It has been there and activated within your being-ness allowing the potential for each and every one of you to step up and into your Freedom and Empowerment.


The Intent of the Mushaba Force


The intent of this Force was to bring forward a pure force and nothing is more pure than a force of Divine Love and Divine Oneness. A force that is un-corruptible and can only be used for the highest purposes by those of the purest intent. The Mushaba Force is the primordial energy of creation and its point of entry was originated in the Andromeda Galaxy. This Force carries the original codes and energy used in the evolution of earth’s humanity. It’s a Force of Alchemy and Transformation that offers humanity the great opportunity to experience a strong, powerful and unique force that will assist you in moving out of fear, disunity, and separation.


When the Mushaba Force Energy was brought from the first universe of Love Essence into this one, it took a dual purpose. It is what allowed us to play out the game of duality and fall so far from grace, from the Light and yet have the potential to find our way back to grace and Light and gain that which is our birth right, that of Divine Love, Oneness Freedom and Empowerment! You see, it was there in the background of your being-ness, but not in the forefront. It could not be in the forefront until a specific time of earth otherwise we could not have had this earth experience.


Soon the day will come when all of humanity will know the great and magnificent service given to them, to this Earth, to this creation through and by the Mushaba Force Energy. It will be honored and held with high esteem forever more! This Force is still what it was created to be, that of Freedom, Empowerment, Oneness and Love! So the thought that it is or ever will be outdated or no longer of use is comical to even think  about it! The Mushaba Force is live and well! However, it has evolved to become what is now termed and known to be The Love Essence of Mushaba! It still contains the Mushaba Force for it will always be and never cease to exist. Contained within that Love Essence is Freedom and Empowerment, Unity and Oneness, and Divine Love!


Mushaba Force Energy is Love


This is what the Mushaba Force is. For Love frees up the particles within a body and a mind. The power of Love will move a mountain. This Force of Power is the Power of Love, which doesn’t even see any of that, no differences.  In truth, it does not matter. The Force of Love is what everyone needs, the Power of Love. So we must understand the Wisdom of Love, Power and Oneness and go as I said, God direct! It truly is the deepest truth to understand that everything is Love or Love in disguise.


“All we can say is that when the time comes there will be a merging that combines all of what has come before and what is yet to come with the Mushaba Race. It will be a final mixing of the energies of the Mushaba Force into a new beginning, that will hold the completion of the Force in physicality in order to go forth with the full potential from which new potential can be created and realized and expressed.”


It has not been know on earth before now as other forces of celestial beauty as in the Christ Force and others because it was not time and humanity was not ready for the power of what the Mushaba Force has to offer.  I’ll tell you this, without the Mushaba Force there would be no Christ Force (This will be explained at another time). They are together as one. If this force was known and available a long, long time ago, humanity would not have been able to experience duality. It is a force that shatters through duality and brings Freedom and Empowerment to the atoms causing them to spin into zero point enlightenment! Trust what your feelings tell you about the force.


The Lords of Love


The Lords of Love are those beings who are in keeping with the principles of what Love is. They are the watch keepers of Love and send that frequency throughout all of creation. The Love of universal principles means that there are universal principles that are to be followed and the Love of these principles means that you understand and embody them and do not take advantage of them. The Lords of Love are a council of beings that were brought into being through the Mushaba Energies of Love.


What is the Love Essence of Mushaba?


Now we are talking about something that has moved into its next journey of expression. This is an amazing evolvement from the Mushaba Force to the Love Essence of Mushaba! I will come again, and this will be my subject to address. I am out of time now and must return again. Until then curl up in the warmth of the Love Essence of Mushaba and have sweet and delicious dreams!


I am Porda, (Papa Mushaba)


From St. Germain though Nancy Tate’s wake-up call: 02/06/12. Revised 02/09/14

SG: Yes, Mushaba is the original expression of Love. It is the next step beyond the knowing of Love. It is the movement of Love in the intent of the Creator to Do, as well as Be.


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