Message from Lady Portia: Mystery of Mysteries

Channel: Kathryn E. May, PsyD

April, 25, 2014

Lady Portia:

Many people ask why God or our Ascended Masters tell us something and then it doesn’t happen.  Yes, we know it might appear to you that nothing happens, but those who are sensitive to the energy around them would never say that.  Each time there has been a big push, timed to an astrological event, important things have happened.

The ultimate goal has not yet been achieved, but think how different you are since December 21, 2012.  You are far more resolute, far more sure of yourselves in your commitment to carry through the Great Project with us.  A great shift was accomplished at that time.  The timeline which predicted the complete destruction of Planet Earth was left behind, once and for all.

The work which was done yesterday in response to Gaia’s need to release old feelings of frustration and sadness allowed her to make another leap, into a new and most positive timeline, the one which will allow us all to experience the Great Shift we have been envisioning.

It is quite an impossible thing, this attempt to explain to you what we see, how we operate, and what is needed from you. The most powerful work is being done by the Lightworkers who are right there with you, but whose contributions are mostly unknown to you. You see, the human brain in its present state is not at all capable of perceiving and understanding the multidimensional aspects of what is happening.  Your brains are finite, enclosed in your skulls, and operate in a narrow vibrational range.  You have been trained to take in only what you can see or touch. Thus, you may be completely heedless of major shifts going on just beyond your awareness.

We have the advantage of unlimited access to information. Although we cannot process it all at one time, we do have the keys to the library, you might say.  In addition, we have the power of our group consciousness to tap into.  We can share images, thoughts and feelings in a way that is impossible for you at this moment – although with the crystallization of your DNA, it is becoming easier every day.

In addition, we have the ability to see the colors and sounds of the Universe in a completely different way than you do, and we can follow the thread of a present event or a particular person, and see all the possible outcomes, with the greatest to least probabilities and possible influences along the way.  This is how we are able to “predict the future.”  Of course, it is not really prediction, it is assessing probabilities.  This is what we are doing now concerning your ascension and the activities surrounding it.

Now, let me give you as much of that picture as I can, given the limitation of language and finite brain operations.  There is another element we must bring into the explanation here, and that is the Truth which you are just newly beginning to grasp.  That is the Law of Attraction and the ability we, and you, have to manifest what we want.  You understand that what we want is for all of you to reach the glorious goal we have envisioned together, do you not?

Well, we want it above all else, but we are bound by Universal Law not to interfere or intervene in the civil activities of a planet unless we are asked, and it is approved by the Ascension Council.  This is why we are talking to you now – because it has been allowed, to an extent, that we be in contact with you and that we offer our help and communication.  However, it is not permitted that we simply move in to your planet and take over to set things right, no matter how much you might appreciate it.  We are required to go step by step, interceding only as things develop on the surface of the Earth as a result of your actions and your rising vibrations.

We have seen that the moments when energies have risen the highest on Planet Earth are the times when many were meditating together, envisioning a positive outcome, each with his/her heartmind joining in harmony with all the others – these are the times when great leaps are accomplished. The more passionately the vision is held, and the more who hold it, the greater the leap.  We see the peaks when you are all listening to the radio shows on Blog Talk Radio, and when you read the messages as they are posted and read by the thousands.

There was a tremendous flow of rising Light and energy during the buildup toward the Harmonic Ascension.  At the culmination of that campaign, on April 15th at 10 PM, the time Father God identified as the first wave of Ascension, there was a burst of Light and a powerful flow of Love that lifted all humankind toward a new timeline, into a new “channel” as you might call it, where the outcome for all will be a more positive one.

No, you did not all ascend that night in the way you had hoped, but you did ascend.

I know you cannot see the energy lines which interact through time and space, across dimensions throughout the Multiverse, but I can see them, and I can tell you, you have made a difference!  You have been told various “scenarios” in the past 50 years or so which have predicted various kinds of upheaval, rescue, and more recently, an orderly and joyful Ascension for all.  All these scenarios were true at the time they were foretold.

Purple Blue Light

Yes, you, Beloved Ones, have “jumped the timelines” several times in the past few years, literally changing your destiny and that of the entire planet.  To make things even more complex, you are also involved in raising the vibrational energy for the entire Multiverse.  No, we have not spoken of this at length before because it is too mind-boggling for a human mind to truly grasp, but let’s try.  You, here on your relatively small, beautiful blue planet, are central to the movement which is taking place across the Universe.  This has been suggested before, but it would be impossible for you to be truly aware of the magnitude of your involvement in the ascension of the entire Multiverse.

Are you reeling at the idea that your envisioning powers will indeed be needed to lift not only other solar systems, other inhabited planets, and other galaxies teeming with life, but that you will also do much of the “heavy lifting” to raise even other Universes, and affect the structure of other dimensions?  It is true.

You are just beginning to appreciate how powerful you actually are.  There is a great synergy between your own awakening and the energies flowing across your planet and throughout the cosmos.  Think – only five centuries ago it was believed the earth was flat, and today most of you have a fairly good understanding of the movement of heavenly bodies, of your place in the solar system, and are conversant with the influences of astrological events, energy vortices, and group consciousness.

You are no longer stunned at the idea the human consciousness has an effect on the growth of plants, the weather, and the behavior of wild animals.  It does not surprise you that animals have souls, that you can talk with trees, or that Mother Earth recognizes your footfall.  How many of these things did you become aware of in the past three years?  You see, you are ascending, and others around you are beginning to open their eyes as well.

Many of you do still have the persistent belief that you are going to need to be rescued from this difficult life under the immutable influence of the Dark Ones, that your Galactic Brothers and Sisters are your only hope for achieving peace and prosperity on the planet.  You are familiar with the work of St. Germain and his prosperity programs, but are you aware that most of his work was done while he was here on the surface in a body?  He could not have collected and stored all the wealth that will soon be distributed had he not incarnated here just like you!

Think of the Great Ones who have changed the course of history, have faced down the Dark Ones and who have achieved miracles of political and social enlightenment.  They were here in bodies, were they not?  Would the words of Martin Luther King have had the same effect if he had spoken them over a loudspeaker from the deck of a space ship rather than from the streets of Selma, Birmingham and Chicago?  Would my words mean as much to you if I were not there with you in a body, speaking of the things Kathryn experiences just as you do?

You are not puppets on a Galactic string, Beloveds.  You are not puppets on anyone’s string.  Your happiness is not dependent upon anyone but yourself.  You are in charge of this life you live and the way it turns out.  You create the vortex that swirls around you, the amount of Light you emit, and therefore the amount of Love you attract.

Use an example of an incident in your own life.  Think of a time you sank into self-pity.  Notice the events and feelings that followed.  Be honest with yourself.  Has depression, anxiety or self-doubt ever brought a genuinely pleasurable moment into your life?  Why do you continue to generate it?  Because you can’t help it?  You don’t know how to do anything else?  If you believe this, you are believing you are a helpless child, without resources, without intelligence or creative power.  If so, you denigrate the magnificent creation you are – an adult of the Creator race, here to manifest the Dream.

Even spirituality can be used to reinforce helplessness, you know.  Belief in God is a powerful thing, but it does not take the place of living your life, one breath, one day, one  action at a time.  This is the wondrous thing about incarnation.  You can literally be in more than one place at a time.  Now, reach upward, Dear Ones.  Make permanent contact with the Higher Self which is your source of wisdom and greater perspective.

You are your Higher Self, you know.  Your Higher Self is you.  There need not be a veil of mystery between you, if you simply accept the fact that whatever moments of brilliance you have had, whatever triumphs of generosity, kindness and compassion you have spontaneously expressed are truly who you are.  Accept your deepest feelings of Love and empathy, the highest achievements of your heart, as the simple evidence of what you are capable of, and what you can be in your normal, everyday life.

You have all been taught to criticize, belittle and demonize yourselves.  NO!  The truth is the opposite of what you have believed.  Peak moments are the expression of who you are.  The rest is just the result of being caught in the matrix of confusion and darkness.  Shake off judgment, assessment of your “faults” and failures.  Look instead to the strengths you have developed over lifetimes of experience.  There, under the layers of self-criticism and blame is the Star Seed – the glittering diamond of conscious awareness that is your I AM presence, your GodSelf.

You are loved, and you are capable of great Love, great moments of glory, every day.  It is within you because it is within your Higher Self, your I AM God Presence.  See yourself as One – one divine being, one being within the heart and mind of God.  This is our true identity.

We are One.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Portia, April 26, 2014, 1 AM, New York

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