Welcome!  This site was created to provide resources and information concerning the evolution of humanity on Earth at this time.   Much is rapidly changing within each soul, the planet, and our government, finances, religion, and all other areas of society.   This is a time of great joy despite the chaos going on.  Freedom for all is shortly at hand.  Let us stand in our divinity and evolve in Love as One.

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  1. Hi. I assure you that I am 110% with you, although I lack financial resources and I have skimpy computer skills. However, I am a writer of what I hope will become important works. My first book is called, Blueprints For A Better World. It’s title is rather self-explanatory. I advocate major economic, social, and political reforms. I have a plan for lasting world peace & I propose a solution to the ever-growing population problem. I am also a UFO activist, and I vow to gain enough public support to get gov’t to open their top secret UFO Files.
    I invite you to see my website and facebook page: https://facebook.com/blueprintsforabetterworld. Seeing as gaining ‘name recognition/fame is the best way for me to gain support for the launching of a global political party, I got into sci-fi writing to help the cause. My book, Nataliee’s Alien Nightmare, is a ‘fact-based fiction’ account of an ESP-gifted girl’s fight back when she is abducted by alien Greys.
    If there is anyway that I can help you spread the word about your ground-breaking film, I am very willing to help. For starters, feel free to promote your film by posting on my Facebook page.
    Sincerely, Markus Fredericks

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