The Love Essence of Mushaba – Porda Returns

Message from Porda through Anakhanda Mushaba

February 12, 2014


Greetings and Mushaba Love to All!


I now return to speak to you about the ‘Love Essence of Mushaba’. But first, those that are not familiar with me, I am the father of Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. I recently left this dimension to bask in the beauty, glory, and ever lasting life of the higher dimensions. My name is Wali Karriem Mushaba, or better known as Papa Mushaba. I am one of the strongest originators of the Force. I am the originator of the Nexus Mothership in an energetic pattern of its eventual creation. At that time my name was Nextra which has bearing on the Nexus.


The Nexus Mothership, is one that was engineered through Mushaba technology and therefore resonates and continues to hold the Mushaba energies and vibrations. My soul was a contributing sacred signature energy to this creation. And yes, it is there, for now, that I serve Mother Earth and the Mushaba energies from.  I speak to you as my higher self known as Porda. This subject of the Love Essence can fill volumes of writings for it is the epitome of All That Is!


In my last message to you, I spoke a little bit about the Mushaba Force Energy to lay a foundation to better understand what I am about to share with you now. Love is all there is. Everything else is a misrepresentation of Love. When a being, anything, fail to recognize the Love within, they can only see the misrepresentation of Love which shows itself as many things. Things such as darkness, evil, less than, better than, not good enough, unworthy, angry, hateful, judgmental, etc. Humanity and all of this creation is moving to the embracing and acceptance and understanding of what Love is; Of what the truth that is contained within the original energy, the original frequency of Love. That original frequency of Love is Mushaba. That is why it is said that:


When you speak “Mushaba”, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight”


Why? Because its the Love that is broadcast within the soft whisper of Mushaba that sends the original frequency of Love  through every living atom in all living things causing a casual pause, and then the atoms trembles with the fullness of delight!


It began with Mushaba in the First Universe. In the First Universe all there was is Love. There were no other dual or counter energies present. But because of the natural propensity to evolve and expand, there was a decision made for the Mushaba Race to create the Second Universe to experience duality which means that the non experience of Love would be an entirely new experience for the Mushaba Beings. Thus the Second Universe was created for the duality experience. This is when the Mushaba People and the Mushaba Force Energy came into this universe. As St. Germain said through the gift of Nancy Tate, whom I will be delivering messages through as well:


SG: Yes, though they did know that there would be a coming journey for them, an expression of what they knew, it was beyond their scope of information what would be coming. That is what we speak of when we say the expression of creativity in the innocence of truth.


The original Love came too, however, it could not come in its fullness at that time. It wasn’t possible in the duality experience. However, it was there contained within the Mushaba Force, but encoded to awaken, time set if you will, to activate at a certain point in evolution slowly enough so that it could support us in our journey. That sudden strength you get at times from nowhere. That sudden inspiration you feel  that over takes you at times. It shows in so many ways for it is simply individual sparks of original Love that was brought forward to support you at that given moment. Now its getting so much stronger than ever before.


So now we are living in the time where the Love Essence of Mushaba is beginning to open the codes of original Love within humanity. Look at the words Love essence. What does it speak to you?


The meaning of essence is:

1. The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.

2, The most important ingredient; the crucial element.

3. The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things.



1. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude or a sense of underlying oneness.

2. A feeling of intense desire and attraction


The explanation of Love just doesn’t hit correctly. Its to material, physical in its meaning and perception. Its stated that Love is a bunch of certain feelings. I’m here to tell you that it is not! Love is:

A Frequency, a state of being, and in this frequency there are other sets of frequencies that are related to the Love essence or as the explanation states: “The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify. The most important crucial element and ingredient, the inherent unchanging nature of things.


So when we speak of the Love Essence of Mushaba, we are speaking of something that is intrinsic, meaning; that it isn’t something that is learned. It is inherent. We are all made from this Love Essence. Love is not only the most important and crucial element, it is “The Element” and anything else that comes because of it within the realm or sphere of Love are various frequencies that are broadcast from the essence of it. It was the Mushaba Force that brought all of this, this far toward and into our freedom and empowerment and our return to pure original Love. It is  now the Love Essence of Mushaba that will take us into the full scope of what Love is, of Love lived, of Love experienced. There is a Pure, Original Love connection from the First Universe to this one that is inherent within the force of Mushaba which means it is inherent in everyone because everyone has the Force within their being, The Mushaba Force supported everything and everyone in its greatness and evolvement and the Love Essence of Mushaba will support and lay the journey forward for all and everything to return to the full expression of original Love. It doesn’t matter that it may not be recognized by everyone as Mushaba. It doesn’t matter what name someone chooses to give it. What matters is its purpose being served for all.


On earth we use so many names and titles for the same thing. Many times its simply an off shoot of the original. The Love Essence of Mushaba is beginning to swell within humanity and allowing more hearts to be open and clear. Connecting with this original Love Essence is the key to ascension, to expanding your full consciousness. To stepping fully and consciously into your God Oneness! It will hone your spiritual skills and capabilities to a level you wouldn’t dream of because of the power and depth of what is within this Love Essence. Because Mushaba is the original expression of Love, once you know Love and I mean truly know Love, Mushaba takes you to the next step beyond the knowing of Love. Can you even imagine what that may be! All of it everywhere, in every creation not just this creation that we are aware of, but all the other creations are all held together by the Original Love Essence.


How did we get into what is called evil. It is because they strayed so far away from the original Love in this duality that they could not feel Love. They could not identify with Love. They could  not see the light or recognize the light that they have within. Because when you step away from Love, the further you step away the dimmer your light gets. The closer you step toward it, the brighter your light gets.


You will find that more and more lighted beings will begin to step forward and speak about the Mushaba Energy and what their role in it is. For instance the one below named Zorpheus.


“I am Zorpheus, overlighting soul that is currently participating in creating further rings of Growth, Love, Ascension and Passion for the Mushaba Energy at this time. I am aligned with the Mushaba Energy – although I am not of the Mushaba Energy. I come now because it is now time to reveal the truth about the Mushaba Energy and its role in everything of creation. I am fascinated by this energy and I choose to involve myself with it as in-depth as possible. What a far celestial force this is!”


In closing I would like for Anakhanda to add the piece from Nancy’s recent Wakeup Call from St. Germain. I feel it is very fitting!


SG: There will indeed come a time when many more will not only realize the truth about the Mushaba Energy, but they will begin to feel and see the connection they have with it, for it is within everyone, just as the Christed Energy is. As we go down these roads of truth and find the missing pieces we will become more and more aware of what we have been undergoing and what steps to take from where we are in the moment. It is a matter of being in the Now and seeing it in joy, peace and Love.


Thank You and Mushaba Love and Blessings to everyone of my beautiful people of humanity! We are family and I will come again.


Thank You Papa!

The Deepest of Love!

Anakhanda Mushaba


The Love Essence of Mushaba

Message from Porda (Anakhanda Mushaba’s Earth father) through Anakhanda Mushaba.

February 9, 2014


Greetings and Mushaba Love to All!


I come to you today not as Papa Mushaba of Earth, but as who I am in my originality of the Mushaba Race. I am known in my higher being as Porda and I come to share with you information as to what has and what is taking place within the Mushaba Force Energy. This beautiful, magnificent Mushaba Force Frequency that played such a paramount and extensive role in all of what this creation has to offer, has served well throughout infinity. It still serves but in a more evolved way.


You may ask, how can something that is Divine Love and Oneness, that is created as love from the pool of original force evolve any higher. Well, there is always evolvement. Many years ago through the Mushaba Teachings, brought forward by my son Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, we were told that God and Goddess will some day evolve into another position within this creation and someone else will step up to that position. That is taking place as we speak. Even though this info was ahead of its time and was not accepted by many, it is now something that everyone can grasp and accept. You are hearing it now through other channels bringing forward information about ascension and evolvement.


You see, God and Goddess as did many, many beings throughout creation, would come to Planet Mushaba for greater evolvement because of the planet and its atmosphere, and what it has to offer in ways that will at some point be explained. It was a hot spot of evolvement energies and it has to do with the availability of the Original Force, the Pure Divine Love Frequencies, and all that is contained with the potential of Freedom and Empowerment.


The Mushaba Force itself which comes from the Pool of Original Force, contains every possibility and potential that is or ever will exist for Freedom and Empowerment within its frequency. Its only purpose is that Love be brought forth and to guard Love and create a place/space where Love Is!


It is true that without this Mushaba Force of Freedom and Empowerment being imbued within all of creation, every  atom, every cell, every strand of DNA, this creation of this second universe would not exist. The Creator works with and used this same Mushaba Force Energy to bring forward many aspects of creation. The Creator is very familiar with this Force. We as people on earth would not exist without this force for the Mushaba Force is within each of you that is on this earth as well as all of nature. It is in-between the cells and molecules of the body. It has been there and activated within your being-ness allowing the potential for each and every one of you to step up and into your Freedom and Empowerment.


The Intent of the Mushaba Force


The intent of this Force was to bring forward a pure force and nothing is more pure than a force of Divine Love and Divine Oneness. A force that is un-corruptible and can only be used for the highest purposes by those of the purest intent. The Mushaba Force is the primordial energy of creation and its point of entry was originated in the Andromeda Galaxy. This Force carries the original codes and energy used in the evolution of earth’s humanity. It’s a Force of Alchemy and Transformation that offers humanity the great opportunity to experience a strong, powerful and unique force that will assist you in moving out of fear, disunity, and separation.


When the Mushaba Force Energy was brought from the first universe of Love Essence into this one, it took a dual purpose. It is what allowed us to play out the game of duality and fall so far from grace, from the Light and yet have the potential to find our way back to grace and Light and gain that which is our birth right, that of Divine Love, Oneness Freedom and Empowerment! You see, it was there in the background of your being-ness, but not in the forefront. It could not be in the forefront until a specific time of earth otherwise we could not have had this earth experience.


Soon the day will come when all of humanity will know the great and magnificent service given to them, to this Earth, to this creation through and by the Mushaba Force Energy. It will be honored and held with high esteem forever more! This Force is still what it was created to be, that of Freedom, Empowerment, Oneness and Love! So the thought that it is or ever will be outdated or no longer of use is comical to even think  about it! The Mushaba Force is live and well! However, it has evolved to become what is now termed and known to be The Love Essence of Mushaba! It still contains the Mushaba Force for it will always be and never cease to exist. Contained within that Love Essence is Freedom and Empowerment, Unity and Oneness, and Divine Love!


Mushaba Force Energy is Love


This is what the Mushaba Force is. For Love frees up the particles within a body and a mind. The power of Love will move a mountain. This Force of Power is the Power of Love, which doesn’t even see any of that, no differences.  In truth, it does not matter. The Force of Love is what everyone needs, the Power of Love. So we must understand the Wisdom of Love, Power and Oneness and go as I said, God direct! It truly is the deepest truth to understand that everything is Love or Love in disguise.


“All we can say is that when the time comes there will be a merging that combines all of what has come before and what is yet to come with the Mushaba Race. It will be a final mixing of the energies of the Mushaba Force into a new beginning, that will hold the completion of the Force in physicality in order to go forth with the full potential from which new potential can be created and realized and expressed.”


It has not been know on earth before now as other forces of celestial beauty as in the Christ Force and others because it was not time and humanity was not ready for the power of what the Mushaba Force has to offer.  I’ll tell you this, without the Mushaba Force there would be no Christ Force (This will be explained at another time). They are together as one. If this force was known and available a long, long time ago, humanity would not have been able to experience duality. It is a force that shatters through duality and brings Freedom and Empowerment to the atoms causing them to spin into zero point enlightenment! Trust what your feelings tell you about the force.


The Lords of Love


The Lords of Love are those beings who are in keeping with the principles of what Love is. They are the watch keepers of Love and send that frequency throughout all of creation. The Love of universal principles means that there are universal principles that are to be followed and the Love of these principles means that you understand and embody them and do not take advantage of them. The Lords of Love are a council of beings that were brought into being through the Mushaba Energies of Love.


What is the Love Essence of Mushaba?


Now we are talking about something that has moved into its next journey of expression. This is an amazing evolvement from the Mushaba Force to the Love Essence of Mushaba! I will come again, and this will be my subject to address. I am out of time now and must return again. Until then curl up in the warmth of the Love Essence of Mushaba and have sweet and delicious dreams!


I am Porda, (Papa Mushaba)


From St. Germain though Nancy Tate’s wake-up call: 02/06/12. Revised 02/09/14

SG: Yes, Mushaba is the original expression of Love. It is the next step beyond the knowing of Love. It is the movement of Love in the intent of the Creator to Do, as well as Be.


About the Mushaba Essence of Love Creation – Message from Red Jacket

Channel: Nancy Tate

September 22, 2013

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Message from Mushaba and Commander Altros of the Starship Nexus

August 4, 2013

Channel: Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Mushaba Platinum Light and Mushaba Love Essence

So many have been rocking and reeling from all that has been taking place in your world as well as in your personal lives. It seems that so much is taking place that it is difficult to stay up with it and balance it with your everyday lives. Then there are those that seem to be at a complete stand still. Nothing seems to be happening and their lives are simply boring them out of their minds. What is this all about you might ask? Well I am here today to share with you some information that may be able to bring some clarity to all of this. You have been hearing all of the information about what is transpiring with the disclosure, the prosperity funds release, the arrest of the last vestiges of the dark cabal, and I can go on and on. There are some things that you haven’t been told as of late about why is all of this happening and what does it mean to what you are personally experiencing in your life right now.


With the conclusion of all karma on earth closing out, many people are running through at warp speed the lessons they would have learned by actually going through all of the karma and contracts. In other words, all of the lessons and learning is being integrated at a speed that has proved difficult for most because the body is adjusting to things that would have happened over a long period, but yet is happening almost in an instant! This warp speed integration has been affecting memory, health, emotions, clarity, relationships, friendships, sharpness of mind, physical life pathways, and I could go on. It has affected just about everything that is connected to your life.


You are at its end now! You are through the doorway to all of this being behind you, and you are now able to move forward in a way you were not before. You will find that you will have a different “feeling”, a different “clarity” about things and people. Some of you will come to realize that its time to move on into another direction of expression and that will involve making physical moves to another place of living. It will mean making new adjustments to your new situations.


You will find that a lot of the information that is being presented will no longer resonate with you. It will no longer “feel right” for you personally. That doesn’t mean it is incorrect. It just means that you are at another place and will be attracted to other information. It may also mean for some of you that you will be receiving your own information for yourself and will also be prompted to share some of it with others. Some information will simply be expanded upon which will prove to be valuable and bring so much more insight and clarity that has been missing.


Present circles of relationships will change in a way that will change completely for some, and just a little for others. Some people will leave and others will come in. It will mean that the right combination, the right energetics for your next move will be part of your new circle of operation.


You are in he closing of spiritual, metaphysical energetics being balanced and harmonized. Many of you are finding out where you are at finally! This will prove very insightful and valuable for you realize that you don’t have to be like everyone else. That you don’t have to resonate with the “hot thing” or “happening thing” at the moment. You don’t have to acquiesce to whatever you just don’t “feel” too! You cannot be judged for following your own “soul codes” that have been fully activated in you and are now allowing you your freedom to be “who and what you are!”


Don’t trip as you might say in your world. Don’t trip over things that are happening or not happening for that matter. Do not feel you are missing life and its opportunity because you feel like plain old crap! That is a part of allowing you the “do nothing time” to integrate even though you don’t feel good about it. However, this will and is changing even now this moment as you are reading this messages and the beautiful loving energy of the Love Essence of Mushaba are loving you and every part of you into loving submission to the Creator within you! Love is the way! In order for you to truly know what love is, to experience what love is, you had to be stripped off all that wasn’t about love! You had to release anything that doesn’t feel right, because if it does not feel right then it isn’t love! The Love Essence of Mushaba is here now within you where once the Mushaba Force had its home; in-between your cells and molecules of the body. Its within your DNA make-up! It is “your essence” which is love! It is the All That Is and it is an energy that is Indigenous to the Creator of All!


You will now begin to love yourself in away that you never thought possible. You will also allow that love to flow from your being toward others. This same Love Essence will heal you within your being so that it doesn’t have to manifest itself in your outer life and experience. By focusing “only” and I express deeply “only focusing on that which you want” with Love will grant you your desires. Love is what will heal the world that the loving master Michael Jackson always spoke of. He knew that the only way to heal the world was through love! The only way to heal yourself is through love and lovingly focusing only on what you want. Focusing on what you don’t want is not an option!


So My Dear Loving souls, embrace your new pathway with excitement and favor and know that you are now being handed out your rewards for your service thus far, with so much more to go!  In the energy of the Love Essence of Mushaba, I am the Being Mushaba here with Commander Altros from the Mother ship Nexus! We are with you and we look forward to our meeting between you of Earth and the Mushaba People from the stars and the Hollow Earth that will soon walk among you.


Blessings and Thanks Mushaba and Altros,

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba




Message from Altros of the Starship Nexus

Wake up call message channeled by Nancy Tate

May 10, 2013

I am here today in the company of Lord Ashtar and Mushaba. We are on the Nexus and we are seeing the creation of the Santa Fe Command Center as I speak. We are seeing the energy morph from here and there as the energies change in the thoughts and feelings of humanity on earth, and especially in the Santa Fe area. It is a vacuuming out of the old and the replacement with the new.


It is a valuable sight to behold, for it is showing us the progress that you are making at this time of much confusion and upheaval in so many of you on earth. We are seeing what a shift is coming about through the abilities that so many of you have to recognize that what you are feeling and experiencing is the result of your intention and allowance to clean out all of the debris that has settled within you throughout this duality experience.


As this happens you are giving of yourselves to the coming of the new world that earth and all of you are destined for. You are preparing the groundwork for the new Galactic Centers to come into being on your earth and within your outer vision. You will be aware of them, and at the same time you will realize the part you had in the creation of them. You will know that they have your energy of intent and Love within every particle of Light Love as you walk through them and partake of their wondrous destiny in your new life experience.


One thing that you will be aware of within the time that you await the appearance of them in your reality is that there is a new feeling in the areas on the planet on which the centers will be seen and brought into your lives as you integrate yourselves with what they represent. It is a matter of feeling the newness and allowing those energies to speak to you of the coming times. In this way you will feel that you are a part of the creation of them, and that with your part in it the centers will bear your inscriptions, and will be ready to welcome you to the knowingness that they will represent in how to go forth in the purpose for them being a part of Gaia and yourselves.


We realize that many of you have been wondering how you will contribute to the creation of these centers, and what to do in the meantime concerning them. We tell you now that it is a matter of seeing them in your dreamtime, in your meditations, and in the walking through, when possible, of the areas that you are led to that will be home to the centers on Gaia. You will contribute greatly by extending your welcome and connection to them and to bring their wholeness into being in your heart as well as in the potential that they represent at this moment. As the energies rise, and all of earth and humanity increase the vibratory equation of oneness, then all that is in the ethers for your coming experience and expression will be manifest in your lives.


We now speak our loving wishes for you to go forth into this day and to enjoy yourselves in the ways that you create and express, knowing that you are contributing your Loving energies to the coming into your lives of the centers that are already experiencing the process of creation that you are gifting them with. It is a time of great joy and effortless creation for all of us in conjunction with all of you, even those of you who are not aware of your part in it. It is the love in which you carry yourselves through your days that brings about the beauty that we see surrounding your planet and each and every one of you. It is a sight to be seen, and we love it and you tremendously. Blessings to you all!


Thank you dear Altros, Ashtar and Mushaba,

Love, Nancy Tate

The Command Center

Message from Mushaba

Channeled through Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

April 7, 2013


Greetings Dear Earth Family!


I am Mushaba and I am what you may call the leader of the Mushaba Race of Beings. I am the father of the chief Earth Representative of the Mushaba Force, and The Mushaba People, Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba and his beautiful family. I introduce myself to you of the CommandCenter group in a more formal way however, I am hardly a formal man! I come to you this day to share some information about this command center and just a little piece of what it all involves. There is far to much information to share in one sitting however, it will be forth coming over a period of time as the command center takes on a momentum that leads to it’s eventual manifestation on earth!


The command center could be looked at as an Embassy, A United Galactic Embassy of Extra-terrestrial Worlds. It will be the place and places as the others are set up and operational, where all galactic races that come to Earth will come to check in, to make there presence and intentions known. There will be many civilizations represented in this center. However, my focus today is on the Mushaba People. The Name Mushaba has been growing in awareness among the people of earth in the last few years. It has been very active in fact since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There is so much history and information to be shared concerning the involvement of the Mushaba People with you of Earth stemming from the Planet Maldek over eight thousand million years ago! There was a promise made to the people of Maldek who now are residents of Planet earth, and a part of that promise is being fulfilled, and another part of that promise is the upcoming command centers that will be manifested worldwide!


In the beginning we the Mushaba’s along with Creator knew that in the billions of years to come, there would be a need to establish these Embassies, these command centers as you of Earth call them. We also built the Nexus Mother ship with this in mind as well. This is why it will be the main ship that will be the hub of communication and interaction with all of the galactic worlds, and the command centers all of the world. These centers will be the most beautiful structures to behold! They will have many aspects to them and many rooms and rooms within rooms. You will have many galactic civilizations contributing to these centers and will have some of their

technology in these canters as well as some of their designs for the various rooms and wings of the centers. Yes, there will be different wings to these places. There will be rooms that are completely crystal rooms for various purposes from crystal healing rooms, crystal communication rooms, crystal rejuvenation rooms, Crystal conduit rooms for transference of information and others that I will not speak about at this particular moment.


There will be rocks,, stones, and crystals from all over the universe in these rooms. The Mushaba crystal rooms will be created with the Mushaba crystals; some being the beautiful original Force of the Sparkling Midnight Black crystals, and also the Multi-colored crystals of soft pink with purple spirals. There are some others yet to be revealed to earth. Some of these crystals are available now on Earth but in limited supply at this time. There will be a room of Mushaba Light Fire which looks like light on fire! It will be black, blue, purple, and pink. Then there will be other Mushaba Light Fire colors revealed in time. Each carrying its pronounced frequency of transformation and change. When you walk through this ring of Mushaba Light fire, it will purify, transform and change the very frequency of life force within you as well as every single cell, atom, molecule, proton, neutron and electron you contain. There is something else that walking through that ring of Mushaba Light Fire will do and that will be a mystery until such time!


The people of Earth will have the opportunity to meet a being that is a major player in all of Earth’s transformation even though you haven’t heard about this being. His name is Maldion and there will be more forth coming about him and his partner Corin, the Daughter of Father God, and Sister to the Queen of the Universe.


These centers will be a major source of earth total transformation and evolvement as humanity opens themselves to all that will be offered. They will also be transportation stations to other places in the universe! You will not be left disappointed in any way! Keep up the energy of manifestation of the center in Sante Fe, NM and eventually other places in the world for they truly are places of Magic, Miracles and Manifestations!


I want you all to be fully aware of what you have set into motion and what you are bringing into your world. It is wondrous indeed! I honor you all and I bow before you in humbleness and Deep and Abiding Love of the Mushaba Force and Its people. We await your presence at the centers! By the way, the centers already exist on one level as it is making its way into your dimension!


With The deepest of Love and Integrity and profound admiration for all of you,

I am Mushaba