Wake-Up Call: Message from St. Germain

Channel: Nancy Tate

May 4, 2014

I am here today to give you all a piece of news. This is something that you can take to sleep with you and to dream with in your waking hours. It is something that you can share with others you come in contact with. It is that there is a freedom bell that will be tolling for everyone who chooses to listen in the next few months. It is something that will tell those who understand what it is saying that there is an end to the old way of being on this planet and the beginning of the new freedom that has been promised for so long. It is a freedom that so many are beginning to accomplish in their own lives and as that happens it washes out into the rest of the world.

As you begin to see and feel this freedom you will realize that it is definitely something that you haven’t even felt the absence of in your lives. You will realize that the words of freedom that were given to you through the schools, history and the internet’s early days have been only words, with no truth behind them. You will realize that the true freedom is far beyond what you have been living, in lifetime after lifetime. You will also realize that there is a coming time when the freedom you will be living may bring with it an outpouring of good deeds that will fill certain people with instances in their lives that may bring on some feelings of distrust. That is because the freedom these deeds represent isn’t something that has been lived in their lifetime, only been promised in an empty and untrusting way.

Those days are over. The times for believing in oneself are now radiating out to humanity in a way that brings the truth of the words to a new perspective. They are going to see the reality that is coming for them, and they will realize that they are the only ones who can set it in place for them within their beingness. Then it will shine forth out to the rest of the world. The people around them will tune in and recognize their own freedom that lives within, and they will bring it forward to be another example to the rest of humanity.

Yes, that is the way it works dear one. It is the example you present to the others that makes a difference not only in your world, but also in theirs, once they see how it accomplishes in their world their own example of the treasure that they hold. It is a wondrous thing to see the people of this world set in place their newness of the energies that have been available to them for so long. They are now beginning to listen to the voice within, rather than the voices that came to them from outside of them. They are seeing that there is no more powerful example than the one you produce from within yourself, no matter how it looks from the outside. The power will create anything that comes from within.

When you realize what that means in your life, you know that it is the answer that you already have as to why your life is the way it is. You will see that your thoughts and feelings vibrate with your actions. In that way you will begin to see how to create a world in which you live the wondrous desires and feelings that you are in harmony with and that reverberate throughout the rest of life on earth. You will also see how it also affects the rest of the life in this universe and beyond.

It is a time of truth, my dear ones, more powerfully than ever before you are in the midst of creating the wondrous examples of what you are capable of. You are in the process of releasing the fear-based movements, and replacing them with the Love-based, free-flowing of the world in the best way you can think of, and beyond. With every thought you have of the utmost freedom, love and creativity you have in expression with the power within, you will see the beginning of the expansion of that ability.

I take my leave in this moment from this reminder of who you are and what you can do. You can let it soften within your heart and then let it increase in power for what you see that you can accomplish. There will be a time when we will all be back in touch with each other in a way that knows no boundaries. Till then, know that I, and all of the others who have been communicating with you, are but a second of time away from you. You are the power that brings that recognition to all of us. Our reunion is imminent. I am here in Love and gratefulness for this journey that you are about to bring to a close as you then flow into the new journey that includes us all together in the Oneness of us all.

Happy Journey, One and All!

Thank you dear St Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Wake-Up Call: Message from Horus

Channel: Nancy Tate

April 17, 2014

I am Horus and I am here once more to give you an update. There are going to be mass landings on the surface as soon as the clearance is final. We are in negotiation right now with many of the earth people who will be monitoring the landings before they come and during the process. They are set in place to guide the ones who will not only see their entry into the atmosphere, but their forward movement to the various places where they will land.


This is all coming to the people of earth for a particular reason, and that is so that they will no longer be able to deny that there is life in outer space, and that we are all united in one cause. That is for the betterment of all of life not only on earth but, throughout the universe. We are all family, as you know, and what does a family do when they are reunited? They rejoice, play, and have a joyful time together once more.

This will take place once other events have come into being. There will be a change in the governmental status around the globe. There will be the easement of the financial system, and the other societal systems will all come into alignment with humanity. We will have seen the beginnings of a whole new way of living on earth in the communities that will be shown to the public that are already in progress, some of which have been for some time. More and more you will all see the changes that are set in place and continuing to be.

I tell you this now because it is going to become more and more in the open what is going to be happening on the surface. Also you will see many instances in which we in Hollow and Inner Earth will come forth and work with you in this changing of the guard, so to speak. As the new communities come into being, we will work with you to bring about the changes that may be unfamiliar to you and yet familiar on another level. It isn’t that we will do for you what you feel you cannot do. It is that we will support all that you feel to do and are inspired to. It is a matter of your older brothers and sisters standing alongside you and lending a hand with joy and laughter to help make the process one of fun and tremendous change to a more sustainable way of living.

 Spaceship Lightship Balloon

Some of you feel that this is something that you are going back to, and that it feels like it is too primitive. I tell you now that it isn’t the case. It will be more in tune with mother nature, while at the same time, without using the parts of her that are designed for the harmonic interaction for all life on earth. You will be using energy rather than physical things, such as trees, for housing, and oil for power. It will instead be energetic means by which you will be providing what you desire for your way of life. These means are already being opened up and activated within those of you who are here to bring the information of the technology that will provide you with the power you require.

If reference to my opening statement about the coming landings of the ships from outer space, there will be some beings from those ships who will also provide you with information for the advancement of what you will be doing to work in harmony on Mother Gaia. These ones who some of you will recognize, are from various planets in this universe that have been here at various times in the evolvement of this planet. They are bringing the reunion that some of you will remember, and some of you will welcome as a new episode in the book of life here on earth.

 It will all be in sync with the present times. It will all speak of your family, which in your eyes and heart will have grown in a gigantic way. You will find in your hearts the tugging and caressing at the feelings of excitement and love that you have felt at other times of reunion. Some of you will find that there are dearly beloveds who have left their bodies in what you’ve seen to be the death process. Some of these ones will come to you and enable you to see what they meant when they may have told you that they will be back in another body. It will be a familiar one, but in another energetic way.

 I will end this message for now, in order not to overwhelm you. Allow it to sink in and be a part of your comfort zone. There will be more I will share with you in the coming times. When that time arrives you will already be tuned in, to a point, to what I’ll share with you, as you are now with what I have brought to your new day. Enjoy the ride, for it is your choice and your doing with what is on your doorstep and in the throes of creation in this moment. This one, dear Nancy, will be sharing with you some news about what her beloved Bob and some other wonderful ones have been involved with recently, as well as in ancient times. It is being brought forward for the grand evolvement of it to harmonize with these glowing times. I, and all the rest of our family inside this earth join with you in these exciting, peaceful, creative times, and sing to the heavens our joy.

Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Wake Up Call: Message from Horus

Channel: Nancy Tate

January 27, 2014


I am Horus once again, with you to tell you the latest from Hollow and Inner Earth. There is a great deal of activity going on within this great planet. It is a matter of all of you on the surface completing your missions here and then being ready for what we will be bringing for you to the surface. As you all take your places in the cosmic happenings that will be coming as a result of your choices, it will be as a homecoming for many of you, and a complete surprise for others. I speak of the coming forth not only from the cosmos but from inside this planet that you have called home for so long.


As we come forth from the north and south poles, and from the portals that have been readied for our emersion, there will be many sightings that will be welcomed by many of you who have agreed to step forth and tell the people who we are and why we have come forth. It will be a choice that is made by every individual in the way that they agreed to before coming to this planet to play this melody of love versus fear. It will be a blending of the energies back to the perfection of the Eternal Love that is at the root of the All.


What I am telling you now is part of the activation of the time warp that has been created by Creator Source to speed up the ascension process. It has been noted that the process had no relativity in the experience of all of humanity and so this is a partial awakening that is going to happen. When I say partial, I am referring to the energy of Creation that is expressing itself in the heavens of those who are ready for the ascension that they will be experiencing. It will be a heaven-bound experience that will begin in the blink of an eye for some, and for others in the stretch of many more years. This is a direct result of so many of you having expressed your intentions for becoming fifth dimensionally existing once again in the lifetime that you are in at this time.


As this takes place, it will be a closure for those who have already accomplished what they came here to do. It will be a direct exposure to what they will be doing to assist the ones who are not yet ready for their own experience of ascension. What will take place is that the newness of Gaia will be started in the lives of those who have chosen to ascend at this point, and they will be in place when the rest of humanity has made their ascension. It is what you may call the preparation for the coming home of the rest of the family for the grand reunion.


It is all wondrous, and in the energy of the Creator Source. It is in connection one to another, and all of creation is in harmony with it. The choices that have been made individually are all in compliance with The All, and it will be as a gigantic homecoming when this part of the eternal expression is complete. Till then it will be a last chapter being written in the book of humanity in duality. When that chapter closes out the book there will be a new story already in the works and all who chose to be in this one will flow into the next expression of the creativity that is inherent from the expression of Love of the Mushaba energy, from which this universe was born.


What will those who experience their own choice see in their new world? It will represent what it is that you desire and then create. It will be a busy time for you all, for it will seem that time speeds up to a speed that suddenly is no more. It will bring about many ideas of what it is to live in the Now. There will be responses from different happenings that will be coming that will give new language to the chapters of the book that is present now. It will open up new doors that will expose truths that seem familiar, but that at the same time will bring some feelings of doubt. Then these feelings will stir remembrances of familiarity and that will bring the clarity that will be noted and set into place. As these clarifications become part of the known and lived it will speed up the awakening process and then there will be no need for the timewarp and it will all melt into the oneness that will close the last chapter. It will be as if it always was, and the memories that are still lingering on at that time will gradually fade into the sunset of Love, and the sunrise of new beginnings will take center stage.


This is where I, and the rest of our family come into the picture. We will welcome you all back into the Inner and Hollow parts of this planet, and you will have a grand reunion with us all. You all helped to write the book that has and continues to fill the Porthalogus Library. You will then be part of the recognition of the vastness of the Universe and all that has come from this experience. You will enjoy the grand reunion. Then when you are ready you will all dance forth in the expression that you have created, in the energy of the Loving Creator Source which is within all of you, for you are All One in Love, peace and joy.


Blessings to you All! We love and cherish every step you have made and continue to make. Go forth in fun and Love.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate

Message from St. Germain – The Celebration

Channel: Nancy Tate

December 23, 2013


I, St. Germain greet you on this day! As we go through these coming times, and we spend the next few days in the celebration of the Holidays, we do so with the full knowledge that all of life is a Holiday. All of life gives us the ability and opportunity to make every moment a celebration of that which is Holy and in keeping with the Creator in all of us. As we see the proof of that come into our lives and our manifestation of that which we intend, we are in the shoes of the Creator and the Arms of the Source. It is a mission that has long been in effect, and as we drift into the coming events of the ascension of all of us, we see what it means to come back to who we are. We decorate our lives with the beauty that represents each leaf and needle of the tree of life, and the wonder of the power that the roots have in the Creation of all that is with us from the trunk and branches of that which is in place for all of us. I join you in the celebration of the day and I see the beauty in all of You.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Jerusalem

Message from Horus

Channel: Nancy Tate

December 19, 2013


I, Horus, am here dear ones to speak to you of the upcoming event that so many are hearing and reading about. I am here to tell you about the part we in Hollow and Inner Earth have in the coming event. It is a matter of us being at the root of what is taking place on the planet and within it. As we go about our parts in it we also are working with those of you on the surface who made this promise when you first came to this lifetime. Not only was it a promise to all of mankind, but especially to your own beingness, and to the Creator as well. It was one brought about in seeing what it could bring to the ascension of earth and all of life on it and within.


I sit in place in the Porthalogus library in this moment and sort through what has already been place here in the energy of what it takes to put all of the pieces together for the event. It is a matter of seeing all of the parts that are set in place and then sifted around as decisions are made and changes take place in the everyday life of humanity. It also relates to what is taking place with ISON and with all of the other heavenly bodies that are in place now and are affecting the overall scope of what is taking place and root in the causal effects of all that is coming.


You will see that in the coming times on earth things will speed up, as the energy of the people rises. Also as they intercept that which they see as not only what they desire, but also what will serve all of humanity in a way that has not been lived as yet. I speak of allowing people to choose their way of life, their choices in the moment, and seeing that it will all work out, even if it doesn’t seem to be a beneficial choice for the whole of life on Gaia. So many of you are seeing that these choices are made in the aspect of what will serve in the whole picture of what it is taking to bring it all into harmony.


When that becomes a knowing of more people around the globe it will bring about a change that will allow the manifestation and living of the event that will be obvious to those who have been tuning in to the pieces of the ‘so called’ puzzle. It will solve some issues that have been singing their off notes for some time, and will bring it all into harmony with the totality of the musical energy of Love and Joy in the peacefulness that will be prevalent.


This is part of what is taking place and causing some of you to be distressed, confused and tired of hearing what is coming, while never seeing it manifest. This is part of what so many refer to as the patience that is necessary for the result to show itself. It is also the example of the totality of humanity’s ideas about how to live life, how to make things happen, etc, come along. For so many of you it is making itself clear in your minds and hearts, while at the same time you find yourselves unable to find the words to explain. It is a knowing that requires no words to be clear. In fact words can often mislead for they cannot completely express what the knowing is.


So as I said, I am sitting here at the library and seeing the mix of results and seeing how it is all interweaving into a constantly changing pattern. The colors that are spoken change as in a living rainbow that escalates as the changing tides bring about the sounds that express in colors. The rainbows bring about a constant elevation of the tones of the promise that is in place. Have you ever heard a song that is sung on one level, and then brought to a higher and/or faster tone? This is quite an experience that I am having, and it is something that you all coupled with All, for the energies connected with this planet are creating in your own melody of creation in the manifestation of that which is in the highest benefit of all of life.


Now that I’ve planted some new ideas, perspectives and perhaps confusion in your minds, I know that you will go away from this message with the ever changing and clearing energy that you are in right now. It is wonderful so see so many of you asking for clarity, for that represents the truth of your being able to understand it and to then apply it to your movements in the manifestation of the event that you will in some way recognize when it happens. It will be as a mirror shining back to you that which you, on some level, already had seen. It is the nature of the capabilities that you all have, even those who don’t remember they do as yet. You will one of these days; you will awaken and see that your part in all of this has been so intragal that without it, it would still be out there churning and changing till the one piece finally falls into place to bringing it all into harmony. Know that it is at your doorstep, and live the moment of Now in love, peace and joy. That is the secret ingredient in the perfection of the Creation of All.


I sit in Love and the observation of your power. Love you all so much!


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate

Wake-up Call – Message from St. Germain

Channel: Nancy Tate

November 3, 2013


I am here today to tell you of something that is taking place within the confines of the government. There is a solidity that is being formed as I speak, and it is that of the ones who are no longer willing to support the lies that have been going on for so long within the governmental standards of operation of this country, United States of America. It is not only a matter of not being willing to go on with it, but of being determined to bring it all back to a successful transition to the honor and integrity of the original concept of governance that I brought forth to the country when I first was called to the task.


Yes, this is St. Germain and as I bring this news to you I also bring to you your part in what I speak of. It is a matter of all of you recognizing where your rights have been taken away, and seeing what it is that you can do to bring it back to square one. You are the ones who can do it, and as soon as you see what it is that you can do, then as you march forward in that energy you will find a gradual, in some cases, and instant in others, movement that brings it all to what it is that it is destined to be from this moment on.


I first would like to thank all of you who are reading this for being in readiness to do what you are inspired to. I am not here to tell you specifically what to do, but to encourage you to follow your inner guidance, and then see what power you have by the enactment of that which you feel to do. It is a matter of the end of being told what to do, and the new beginning of trusting you inner guidance and moving forward in it. When you review what is taking place and compare it with what you intend for your lives on a personal level, then you can find the inspiration for what must be done.


I serve in the capacity of your brother in these times on earth. I was part of the earthlife in the beginning and as such I was able to see, through my diversions, and then the rightfulness of bringing myself back to the straight ways of doing things. It was a matter of working through the lower energies of where I was and then seeing how they affected me. Then I was able to see how I turned around the personal movements in my life and applied them to the outer scope of life with all of mankind. I did not always reach out to others, once I saw that their ideas may not coincide with mine. Not that they were wrong, for there is no wrong in our journeys. What it is, is that the movements of others may not coincide with ours, so we must make our decisions based on what we feel is in harmony with ourselves, and then reach out to others in love, and see the harmony that we have created with them, through our individuality.


I will speak now, once again, of what is taking place in the government of the United States. It is a matter of being in harmony with all of the people and not pushing against the government that has strayed so far from the harmonic energy from which it began. It is a matter of speaking in the way you choose to the people who are in place and following what it is that they are doing. Whether you go peacefully to them, or sit in your home and send your energy of intent for the harmony, which you see as being the only way for your life, is your decision. It is a matter of seeing what works for you and then applying it to what you can do to help to bring the governance back to what is right for the country. When you stand strong in what you see and feel, then it will have its affect. I give you an example.


As I once stood on the steps of the White House in its early days I saw that there were some discrepancies in the way that the present governance was acting. I stood and watched as some of them came forth from the halls of justice laughing and joking amoungst themselves. As they approached me I reached out to them with a smile and said, “I am so pleased that you are in place to help to bring the country to a good place for all of us. We appreciate what you do, for there is a great deal of confusion going on with the people as to what you all are doing. Some of the people have been saying that they feel that there should be more openness with some of the meetings that are taking place, so that anyone who tunes in can know more about the steps you are all taking. What do you feel about that?”


The men all looked at me as if I was crazy, at first. Then after a few moments they seemed to be confused as to what to say, but began to speak anyway. They told me that there was a matter of not being able to say it all to the people because they may not understand what it was that was behind our decisions. I asked them what they mean. They said that there were some people outside of the government who came to them often and told them that they must do this, or that in order for it all to work smoothly. The outsiders told them that there were things they could not tell them at the time, because of a breach of contract, and because it would not serve the people to not listen to what they were being told to be silent on. Then the men of governance all stood there with looks on their faces that told me that they wanted to tell me more but could not, so they hurried past me and to their freedom from my intent to learn what was truly going on.


My dear brothers and sisters, I tell you this now because you have the power to do something about this in a peaceful manner. You can find the inspiration by being in a clear place in your mind and then moving forth in the truth that you carry with you at all times. This is a time when the energies of ascension are firmly and freely, in a more powerful way, with you. You may be surprised at what you can do by doing ‘nothing’, or what seems like nothing on the outside. It could represent very powerful movements on your part on the inside. Once again, look at your own lives and see what you have brought to it that has secured your freedom and power in a way that is harmonious and grand.


I leave you now on this auspicious day and I see that you are already making a change in the progress of what I speak. You are very powerful beings and as you go forward you will see the results of that beauty in which I see you all. Love, Light and Peace abound!


Thank you dear St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate



Wake-up Call — St. Germain Message

Channel: Nancy Tate

October 28, 2013


I am here today to instill within you a thought that may or may not be of value to you. It is the thought that you are worth more than you feel you are, no matter what you feel about that now. It is a matter of being in the space that tells you that you are profound and capable of so much more than you can imagine. You are only now opening up to the boundlessness that you possess.


It is a knowledge within the egos of humanity that you are capable of doing so much, and yet your ego also carries the boundaries that keep you confined within the walls that are in place from the energies of those who seek to bring dominance into their lives. There is one thing that they count on and that is that they are more capable than anyone else to attain and bring about untold wealth and power. That, my dear family, is what speaks of the ego within them, the inward ideas that they could do more if only they knew how.


That is what keeps them at the rim of bringing trouble into their lives and keeps them from letting go of needing to be better and more wealthy, more powerful and on top of it all. That, my dears as you know, is what can lead to their downfall, in their eyes. For they feel that if they do not succeed then they are not better and more worthy.


This is where the truth of Love comes in. This is where when you send them Love it is more powerful than any amount of control they think they have over you, or the situation. When you send them Love and consideration of their ego, then they have no ground upon which to fight back, because there is no fight on your part. When you stand in your love, you stand in the power that does not push, or resist. It is free flowing and allows the movement of that which is loved, while at the same time it does not draw the resistance that ego brings forth. Love is an energy that is totally free and open and there is nothing within it that anything can hold onto. It is a continual movement of energy that invites no criticism and no boundaries. It is a voice of existence that is complete within itself, and that creates existence.


Do you see what it is that brings about the boundaries and resistance that some send forth and create? It is their lack of the purity of Love that could set them free. With the Love that they are created in they could have untold wealth. They would never experience the fear-based idea that they must push against anyone in order to be above, or better than the others. With Love there can be continual freedom and creativity to manifest anything that is desired and intended. It is the most powerful energy, for it is the beginning of creation that was born in the energy of Love.


I bring this reminder to you today for I feel that this is a gift of Love that I bring to you in conversation so that we can feel a more resonant existence with all of humanity. As we do this and walk in the power of Love, we will know the truth of the Creator. That is what is in the totality of the All and since you/we are all part of the All, we are the Oneness of each other in our individual expression. So as the issues surface on earth and all of the ideas of the ones who are ‘less than’ and’ more than’ come into manifestation see the power that is behind each issue and how it is brought forward to be released and given the freedom to be what it desires and intends in the original energy of its existence.


I am St. Germain here with you through this one again, and I do so much enjoy being here with all of you. It is indeed a joy for me to dance amoung the sisters and brothers that you all are. Shall we give this all a welcome celebration as it comes to the openness that is destined for the All?! I am on the dance floor with open arms and heart, encouraging you all to be my dance partners through the coming steps of joy, peace and Love.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate


Message from Hatonn

Channel: Nancy Tate

October 21,2013


Wake-up Call: Hatonn


I am here this morning to speak through this one about a matter that is troubling many of you at this time. It is one that needs addressing in a way that can ease your minds in many different ways. It is about the changes that many of you are experiencing in your lives and within your inner selves. I am Hatonn, and I am with you this day to alleviate some of the concerns that you are undergoing in these times.


It is a matter of being able to see the issues that are upon you in a way that can release them from your beingness. These concerns, whether they are physical or emotional, are part of the process of releasing that which no longer benefits you in your evolvement. As you see most of these issues come forth, especially at times and in ways that may be puzzling, you will know that there is no way that they have any bearing on what your life is like at the time. It could be confusing and downright disturbing because of the feeling you have of its non-validity.


Dear ones, this is the reflection of the old issues that you have dealt with and that are being removing from your beingness. The only way that they could stay and be a part of your lives again is if you give it new life and think that it is something that you need to deal with now. It is on its way out and all you need do is to bless it for what it has done in it’s purpose in the past, and allow it its freedom from you into the love of the universal energies.


If these issues seem to hang on it may be because they are trying to show you something about your present life that is timely and that shows you that you can let go of something that seems to be pertinent to your life now, but that is building on the old energy that is similar to it. The experiences that you are bringing to your life now can reflect something that is not finished in its message to you. If that is so, if when you allow it to release itself from you, and it still is there, then you may want to look at it for what it is telling you and see a whole new perspective show itself to you. Then you will find that upon that revelation it will flow on out and give you the freedom to address it in today’s energy. That is the freedom you have to express in the energy of the Now.


My dear ones, there is a matter that I wish to address before I leave this message today. That is that this one is seeing why the return of her beloved dog has not taken place as yet. She is seeing the shreds of holding on that may have kept the new one from coming into her life. She is seeing that it may be something that does not happen, and that if that is the case it will be because what is coming for her and her beloved Bob may not include a pet being in their lives. If it is not a matter of that being the case; then it is a matter of her seeing that it is best to let the issue go. She can then begin anew with what is coming that she is going to create for herself first, and then for anyone else who may be involved. That is one of the things that so many are dealing with in these times. It is a matter of living in the Now without expectations of what is wanted to be a certain way, because of past times. Allow what will be in the new expression of what is to come from the Now moment, for in that moment is the newness of what is intended and desired.


I am not saying that there will not be a new doggie in her life, but that its newness, if it comes, will be in tune with its own beingness as well as hers and Bob’s. This is a new road to the expression and experiences of Love, and it is most grand and glorious. You will see your lives being lived in a wonderful essence of Love that began this whole expression of life. It is time now for you all to begin your new awakening to the newness of what is with you now and the potential it has to reunite with yourselves in a whole new way.


I leave now with the blessings that you are living and creating. You give me such a dear expression in your journey and I give it back to you in my gratitude and Love of all that you are and do.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate



About the Mushaba Essence of Love Creation – Message from Red Jacket

Channel: Nancy Tate

September 22, 2013

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Message from Mushaba and Commander Altros of the Starship Nexus

August 4, 2013

Channel: Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Mushaba Platinum Light and Mushaba Love Essence

So many have been rocking and reeling from all that has been taking place in your world as well as in your personal lives. It seems that so much is taking place that it is difficult to stay up with it and balance it with your everyday lives. Then there are those that seem to be at a complete stand still. Nothing seems to be happening and their lives are simply boring them out of their minds. What is this all about you might ask? Well I am here today to share with you some information that may be able to bring some clarity to all of this. You have been hearing all of the information about what is transpiring with the disclosure, the prosperity funds release, the arrest of the last vestiges of the dark cabal, and I can go on and on. There are some things that you haven’t been told as of late about why is all of this happening and what does it mean to what you are personally experiencing in your life right now.


With the conclusion of all karma on earth closing out, many people are running through at warp speed the lessons they would have learned by actually going through all of the karma and contracts. In other words, all of the lessons and learning is being integrated at a speed that has proved difficult for most because the body is adjusting to things that would have happened over a long period, but yet is happening almost in an instant! This warp speed integration has been affecting memory, health, emotions, clarity, relationships, friendships, sharpness of mind, physical life pathways, and I could go on. It has affected just about everything that is connected to your life.


You are at its end now! You are through the doorway to all of this being behind you, and you are now able to move forward in a way you were not before. You will find that you will have a different “feeling”, a different “clarity” about things and people. Some of you will come to realize that its time to move on into another direction of expression and that will involve making physical moves to another place of living. It will mean making new adjustments to your new situations.


You will find that a lot of the information that is being presented will no longer resonate with you. It will no longer “feel right” for you personally. That doesn’t mean it is incorrect. It just means that you are at another place and will be attracted to other information. It may also mean for some of you that you will be receiving your own information for yourself and will also be prompted to share some of it with others. Some information will simply be expanded upon which will prove to be valuable and bring so much more insight and clarity that has been missing.


Present circles of relationships will change in a way that will change completely for some, and just a little for others. Some people will leave and others will come in. It will mean that the right combination, the right energetics for your next move will be part of your new circle of operation.


You are in he closing of spiritual, metaphysical energetics being balanced and harmonized. Many of you are finding out where you are at finally! This will prove very insightful and valuable for you realize that you don’t have to be like everyone else. That you don’t have to resonate with the “hot thing” or “happening thing” at the moment. You don’t have to acquiesce to whatever you just don’t “feel” too! You cannot be judged for following your own “soul codes” that have been fully activated in you and are now allowing you your freedom to be “who and what you are!”


Don’t trip as you might say in your world. Don’t trip over things that are happening or not happening for that matter. Do not feel you are missing life and its opportunity because you feel like plain old crap! That is a part of allowing you the “do nothing time” to integrate even though you don’t feel good about it. However, this will and is changing even now this moment as you are reading this messages and the beautiful loving energy of the Love Essence of Mushaba are loving you and every part of you into loving submission to the Creator within you! Love is the way! In order for you to truly know what love is, to experience what love is, you had to be stripped off all that wasn’t about love! You had to release anything that doesn’t feel right, because if it does not feel right then it isn’t love! The Love Essence of Mushaba is here now within you where once the Mushaba Force had its home; in-between your cells and molecules of the body. Its within your DNA make-up! It is “your essence” which is love! It is the All That Is and it is an energy that is Indigenous to the Creator of All!


You will now begin to love yourself in away that you never thought possible. You will also allow that love to flow from your being toward others. This same Love Essence will heal you within your being so that it doesn’t have to manifest itself in your outer life and experience. By focusing “only” and I express deeply “only focusing on that which you want” with Love will grant you your desires. Love is what will heal the world that the loving master Michael Jackson always spoke of. He knew that the only way to heal the world was through love! The only way to heal yourself is through love and lovingly focusing only on what you want. Focusing on what you don’t want is not an option!


So My Dear Loving souls, embrace your new pathway with excitement and favor and know that you are now being handed out your rewards for your service thus far, with so much more to go!  In the energy of the Love Essence of Mushaba, I am the Being Mushaba here with Commander Altros from the Mother ship Nexus! We are with you and we look forward to our meeting between you of Earth and the Mushaba People from the stars and the Hollow Earth that will soon walk among you.


Blessings and Thanks Mushaba and Altros,

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba