Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Channel: Sheldan Nidle

May 14, 2014


The first steps in creating a new financial system have happened. A massive currency re-evaluation is underway…

These are the precursors to divine sovereignty and a sacred lifestyle that is quickly manifesting on the Earth plane…

2 Lamat, 11 Moan, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to you with more good news! Those who have repeatedly delayed the inevitable are reaching the point of no return. Their defeat is taking place because a dedicated group of our earthly associates refused to allow this despicable nonsense to continue. Measures are now in force to permit you to have your freedom and taste the wonders of a prosperity that is to open new doors of knowledge, wisdom and technology. These events are only the merest beginnings for all. Each of you possesses energies and talents that are to soar as this reality manifests. The coming new government and the unfolding new financial system are here to provide the foundations for the ever-accelerating growth in your consciousness. Long ago, as Atlantis sank beneath the waves, you were given a temporary set of masters. These were the Anunnaki. They created the means for a small group to become a class above you, and this is now ending. A new reality is forming. It terminates the power of these earthly minions and gives you the divine sovereignty reserved for everyone.

   This transformation is something that is swiftly to require our physical presence. The last part of these alterations needs to be explained to you and you require a deep rapport with the one assigned to mentor you. Heaven has forged a process whereby we can easily interact with you and prepare you for the final series of transformations. Previously, we briefly described the changes being put into effect by your heavenly body guardians to prepare you physically for what is shortly to occur. As you become aware of the degree of these changes, you require someone who can appropriately explain what is going on. These alterations are not only physical. They involve as well your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Each of these elements needs to be fully integrated into a greater whole called full consciousness. We understand this as we live in this wholeness daily. Nonetheless, we are using a special program given us by Heaven to assist you in this most needed transformation.

   The special Light Chambers to be used by you are a miraculous series of living instruments. In just three day’s time they are able to convert you from limited to full consciousness. This process took your Ascended Masters many lifetimes to achieve. The final step for them was a most special ceremony that allowed them to transmogrify into their current immortality. Take this gift when the time arrives and bless Heaven for what is being done to adjust not only your genetics but your special connections to your divine I Am Presence! Once you have spent your time with the Light Chamber, you are ready to begin a quick training in the divine etiquette of full consciousness. Only at that moment are you fully ready to join with your Inner Earth cousins to produce the means to create a new star nation. At present, planets that are a fraction of what they once were surround you. These worlds are preparing for a new environment in which they are to be filled with a diverse eco-system that encompasses both their inner and outer realms.

   This new star nation is to become a center point in this galaxy for conferences that are to include literally thousands of nearby galaxies. You are to be the hosts for myriad life forms and a whole host of new and wondrous technologies. The Creator spread sentient life across physicality. Our mission is to discover and interact with this life. The divine Love and Light that is to flow here is why Gaia, after roaming for millions of years across this galaxy, chose this planetary system above all others. Heaven protected this solar system from intrusion for an additional eon. We first colonized this unique part of this galaxy about 2 million years ago. This colony was ravaged by the dark and in a subsequent series of circumstances we were allowed to colonize again some 900,000 years ago. You are, of course, the offspring of this history. Your time in the darkness is over. We come to watch over you and make sure that your transformation into full consciousness occurs as planned!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with many exciting things to discuss with you. The first steps in creating a new financial system have happened. A massive currency re-evaluation is underway. When this is finished, it is to pave the way for the rise of a new global gold-backed monetary system to appear. This operation, along with new and more transparent banking regulations, is another sign that the old, corrupt way of doing business is quickly to disappear. It is to be replaced by a system that is much more suited to the global prosperity that Heaven is getting ready to roll out. We bless and thank all in Spirit who help to make all this possible. Our prayers are being answered. These are the precursors to divine sovereignty and a sacred lifestyle that is quickly manifesting on the Earth plane. This new way is to lead to a grand spiritual reunion with our galactic human family.

   We are guardians of a lifeline that has survived the vile machinations of the dark and its minions. Look at what you accomplished and cheer! Many more events are underway that are to manifest and transform this reality into Light. You are blessed for coming lifetime after lifetime into this abyss and using your divine grace to enhance the good and prevent any major triumphs by the dark. You are now riding down a path that is filled with the last stand of numerous dark ones who have to recant and proclaim the inevitable. As this happens, a grand Light that surrounds this realm grows brighter. Love infused from Heaven’s myriad blessings likewise descends deeper into the Earth plane. The healing of this realm has indeed begun in earnest. A new sacred way is opening as the dark starts at long last to let go of its grip.

   Our divine mission from the start has been to bless this realm and aid its peoples as they begin to grow and become aware again of the power of the Light. Many souls have reached a supreme state of grace and become one with Heaven. We stand as Masters of this miraculous transformation given to each of us when we proved worthy of this grand accolade. We serve only to ease your pain and to prepare you now for a most wondrous dispensation granted to you by the Almighty. One cannot exaggerate the nature of this dispensation and how you are being readied for a most incredible journey. Full consciousness is a state in which the spiritual combines fully with the physical. In this magical moment, you are healed of all things and become a full member of Heaven’s army. You are in divine service and see the world in a whole new Light!

   Today, we carried on with our mission to inform you about what is occurring and prepare you for the rise of a whole new reality. In this realm, you are to meet your ancestors and “break bread” with the entirety of galactic humanity! In short, you are to end your journey and begin anew with your fellows. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Message from Hilarion

Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff

April 27-May 4, 2014


Beloved Ones,

The people of the Earth are all in the process of transformation on every level. Human life as they have known it is changing and from those changes comes ways of living that will be far better for everyone. It is not an easy time during this process and so there is a need for faith in the vision of a better world for all. Certainly the outer world does not reflect the higher vision during these times as it goes through the changes but it is already a template on the higher planes of life. This is where all changes begin and then work their way into the physical. Humanity as a whole has chosen the changes that are occurring and some changes happen suddenly and others will take a longer period of time. Patience is needed for those of you who have been doing the work for many years.

For those who are in the process of interfacing with their higher aspects, the task is to become their higher aspects. All that is not of the highest expression within each individual is now making its way to the surface to be acknowledged, learned from, blessed and released. As one is freed of long hidden aspects of oneself that lived in one’s very cells, it is important to practice forgiveness of self and all others with whom you have had interactions in the totality of your life during this lifetime and any others whose memory may surface during this process. After sincere forgiveness comes a replenishment of more light into one’s cells, and to maintain this light one then becomes a person who constantly blesses all people and all situations that may arise. It is in this practice that greater connection with one’s higher aspects takes place.

On the road to mastery, one learns to practice being the Creators ambassadors in every thought, action and deed. One becomes unconditionally loving of all life around them. There is no longer any room for the secret thoughts and judgements within each person’s mind as they interact with others. One must become an open book, honest and transparent in all interactions with others. This is, during these times, a difficult challenge for each one of you who are on the path so it requires wisdom and discernment in your dealings with others. Release all that you can and let discernment be your guide during times that bring tests. Let love and blessing be your constant refrain within your thought processes. This is how we who ascended became free of the lower influences that surrounded us.

We also lived our daily lives away from others so that we could become the masters of ourselves. Those who are reading this do not have this option. Most of you have already gained this mastery in other places and lifetimes so you have the capacity within you to walk the ways of this world and not be of it, however, it requires constant vigilance and discipline. Do not give up on this process because those around you choose to act in ways that are not expressions of the divine. Bless, bless, bless everything and everyone around you in your thoughts. This is your work in the now moments and you can do it, you have the capacity to do this.

Continue to find time to do nice things for yourselves, listen to uplifting music, treat yourself to a lovely dessert from time to time, take long walks in nature, celebrate every little victory you have made as you take the next steps on your journey. There is much beauty around you and by tuning into this beauty and feeling the sublime joy, appreciation and gratitude within your hearts and minds for these moments, you help to anchor those feelings on your planet. Such is the nature of your work , wonderful, isn’t it?

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Message from Archangel Michael




Beloved masters, we will continue our review and expansion on some of the most important techniques and information we have given you over the past twenty-two years. It is time to release, transmute or upgrade many of the old restricting thought forms and structures that you have accepted as your personal reality. If you will spend some time in meditation and contemplation, reviewing the structures you have created in your third/fourth-dimensional reality, which include mental, emotional, physical and even some spiritual restrictions, you will quickly determine that it is time to release many of the ties that bind you so that you may move quickly and gracefully into the expanding, empowering world of the future.

Many of you feel as if you are in the final stretch of a long, difficult race and your energy and enthusiasm are lagging. You are growing more and more disenchanted with the glamour of your worldly existence, and the things that used to excite you seem somewhat tarnished and dull. It is because you are shifting in and out of two vastly different realities or several dimensions at once, and your four lower bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric), are trying adjust to and catch up with your Soul/Spiritual Self. This has put much stress and strain on your earthly vessel.

A vast number of you have and are making a quantum leap into galactic-consciousness, whereby your old world/state-of-being is falling away much faster than you can integrate the refined energies/vibrations and concepts of your new, higher frequency existence.  As you become aware of what is taking place, you will not be so stressed out and confused. Please believe us when we say, relief is at hand. One of our greatest desires is to assist you in the process so that your transition can be accomplished with ease and grace. Over these many past years, that was what much of the information, meditations, and exercises we have given you have been about: transmuting old negative energy patterns. This process is necessary to make way for the infiltration and integration of the rarified cells of Creator Light–the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression from the Supreme Creator.

The first part of this process was building your Pyramid of Power/Light in the fifth dimension. When you created this wondrous place, you set the stage for the quantum leap we have spoken about. The magnificent refined energies of the Supreme Creator cannot beam down directly onto the Earth or into the third-/lower fourth-dimensional environment. Much of humanity and a great many of places on Earth are still not ready for this gift; it would create too much chaos among the masses and to your planet. Therefore, it has to be dramatically stepped-down or filtered in a way so that it will be accessible to all and for the greatest benefit.

We have explained to you how radiant pyramid-shaped Light Stations are in place throughout this Sub-universe, within every dimension and sub-dimension, wherein you left an etheric replica of yourself each time you fragmented or separated your Essence into smaller and smaller masculine and feminine facets of consciousness. Your etheric Life/Light Cord weaves a path throughout this Sub- universe. The filament of Divine Light which connects you to each of the fragments of Self is also firmly connected to your magnificent God Self / I AM Presence, our Mother/Father God within the Great Central Sun, and ultimately, to the Supreme Creator.

When you go into the World Pyramid of Light, which contains a holographic replica of the world, and breathe in Love/Light from the Creator and breathe out sacred, unconditional love, this wondrous energy is filtered or diluted so that it can be received by all who are ready and willing to open their heart center, thereby initiating the process of transformation into a galactic spiritual/human Being.

When you go into your personal pyramid or build a pyramid for a specific project or task, you open the way for the full force, variety, and spectrum of the new Rays of Expression to pour into your temple of Light and to assist you in your endeavors. You are opening your personal gateway to abundance as you create a sacred space for the God Mind to join you in the cocreative process. Remember, we have told you many times, you are masters of cocreation, you have just forgotten.  Also remember that abundance comes in a multitude of forms.

          The Infinity Breath process is another way of accessing the new energies of Creation. As you ignite the ascension chakra located at the top of the spinal column and at the base of the brain, you begin the process of opening the gateway to galactic consciousness. This major ignition point is a vital part of the current human evolution process. All of humanity was programmed for this event, and sooner or later, it will take place in each individual soul on Earth.  As you breathe the Infinity Breath and see it looping down into the Earth and out into the ethers, you are also helping to make this awesome gift available to the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions, and every facet of God-consciousness therein.

Sacred Geometry above Guide

Learning to maintain the appropriate level of ALPHA awareness is also an important tool. It assists you in achieving and maintaining the proper balance in your energy/auric field, whereby you become a finely tuned, harmonious instrument, thereby projecting only frequencies of Love/Light without any discord. In a past message, we also introduced you to the term METAVISION, which is a state of magnified, focused awareness, whereby you are always attuned to the wisdom of your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  This is one of the benefits of becoming an Alpha master. When using Metavision, you become an observer as well as a participant of life. You will rapidly filter out any negative thought patterns as you learn to allow only the highest Creator truth to enter your force field and take dominion within your Being. Your conceptual vision and intuition are greatly expanded beyond the norm. You could liken it to the viruses that are so rampant in your worldwide web of computer technology. There are those who are bombarding you with destructive energies, for whatever reason, and also those who send fraudulent or negative/low frequency mailings. You must set up barriers/filters and reject these messages/energies in every way possible, and it is important that you stay vigilant and one step ahead of them. It is the same with the subtle energies that proliferate the collective consciousness of humanity–you must filter out any discordant energy, allowing no contamination, only allowing those thought vibrations which are in harmony with your Master-Self.

Whereas the Rays of your solar system and galaxy have been assigned numbers one through twelve, the new Rays of which we speak will be known by their qualities of expression. Do not worry about colors, for they can be a mix of any or all the other Rays, however you wish to express them. You are the artist, the builder and qualifier of these Rays, and the creative potential is limitless. These Rays (which could be called sub-rays of the twelve major Rays of this Sub-universe) will RAY-diate the luminescence and power of the Supreme Creator=s Light Essence. These Rays are to be used somewhat differently than the seven Rays of your solar system and the five Rays of higher-consciousness. They can be used in a great variety of combinations and ways, for they are very specialized energies.

Let us begin with your physical vessel: Go into your work Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table. You might ask for the Ray of health and vitality to radiate forth into your physical vessel;  or the Rays of beauty, youthfulness, coordination, strength, power, elegance, clear seeing, clear hearing, flexibility, and any other attributes that come to mind that will enhance your physical well-being. Call on and activate only one or two of each Ray=s energies at one time. Know that your Divine I AM Presence and your OverSoul Higher Self will monitor the process, and will assure that you integrate only the appropriate amount of these powerful energies and no more. Your desire should not be for accelerated transformation only, but that the law of ease and grace apply, always. You are to enjoy the process, beloveds. The time of painful lessons, trauma, stress, and failure can be over, if you will allow the process to work for you, by moving out of the realm of cause and effect or karma, and into the realms where the Law of Grace applies.

Now focus on the emotional body: As you stand at the head of your crystal table, see your emotional body manifest and take form on the table. How does your emotional body appear to you? Study it for a moment and observe the different shades, colors, and shapes that make up your emotional body. You might be surprised at what you see. If your inner sight is not activated at this time, ask that it be done, but in the meantime, just intuit the shape and colors that are present. Whatever you perceive will be valid, and if you keep practicing, your inner senses will sharpen into focus. You might start by asking for the frequencies of the Ray of pure Creator love to pour forth and fill you to overflowing, washing away all sense of inadequacy, guilt, shame, and doubt. Now, in turn, call on the Ray of compassion; the Ray of mercy and forgiveness; the Rays of receptivity, passion, peace, harmony, benevolence, refined intuition, courage, and so on. Then see your emotional body being filled with each of these specific energies as you integrate the maximum amount that is appropriate for you at a particular time.

Now focus on the mental body: Again, stand at the head of your crystal table, and see your mental body manifest and take form on the table. How does your mental body appear to you? Is it strong and well-defined, or is it muted with muddled and distorted colors? Ask that the Rays of truth, will, valor, wisdom, intelligence, focus, creativity, Divine thought, language/patterns of Light, sacred geometry, discipline, organization, scientific information, order; the Ray of receiving; the Ray of giving/sharing, each in turn, flow down through the great generator crystal that hangs over the center of the table into your personal pyramid of Light. Your I Am Presence will filter the Essence of each Ray of expression in its purest form into your etheric replica. See your pyramid being filled with the Essence and power of each of these Rays as they permeate everything within. Know that you will bring the gift of each Ray back with you into the physical realm in which you presently reside.  It is yours to claim, use and share as you truly step into your role as a Cocreator with our Father/Mother God.

You may also focus on your Etheric Body, which contains the blueprint for your body of Light. The etheric body surrounds the physical vessel, and the distortions and imperfections lodged there first before they manifested within the physical vessel. Now the process is being reversed. The Essence of perfected Creation of the physical form is stored within the etheric body, and you must fill that part of your Being with harmonious Light once more so that it will be accessible to your physical body. What does your etheric body look like? Can you see the dark webs of distorted energy throughout? Are there patches that are denser and darker than others? Where are they? This will tell you where your body is out of balance and in the most distress, and where it is likely that you will experience the next health crisis or dis-ease.

In addition, while in a light ALPHA state you may wish to concentrate on the physical body for a week or two as you prepare your body to receive and manifest these powerful energies. If you, in any way, begin to feel disoriented, not grounded, or uncomfortable, stop the process for a day or two before continuing. Let Spirit be your guide and do not pattern your progress or transformation after that of anyone else. You are tapping into your own Divine intelligence and you are activating your own creative genius. Each day, or as often as possible, take a few moments and tune into the intelligence of your physical vessel and your Body Elemental. This is your deep subconscious mind, which knew only perfection in the beginning, but you have reprogrammed it with negative thoughts for centuries that gradually resulted in imperfection, discomfort, and dis-ease. It is a somewhat lengthy process, but you are dissolving the negative thought forms and reinstalling the blueprint of perfection once more–the Adam/Eve Kadmon body. This is part of the reason you are experiencing so many symptoms: disorientation, lethargy, inability to concentrate and so on. That which took hundreds of thousands of years to manifest is being reversed in an astoundingly short span of time.

At least once a week, focus on your emotional body/nature, and take stock of what has changed since the last time you tuned in. Do you feel more balanced and at peace? Are you better able to handle the stress of your everyday life? Are you more allowing or tolerant with the people around you? Are you able to focus on the big picture instead of the small story? What is better, or worse? What do you wish to change the most? Set priorities and then call on each particular Ray of expression, as you gradually integrate all the refined attributes and energies of your new reality.

Also focus on your mental body at least once a week. Are you thinking more clearly? Are you able to process and sort information in a more efficient way so that you may glean the wisdom of each experience or interaction? Are you more disciplined? Do you find it easier and more joyful to fulfill your obligations? Do you feel more attuned to your higher intelligence and have you had more inspiring, creative ideas? How has your consciousness shifted and what has changed as a result? Whenever you wish, you may identify and focus on the colors of the Rays that are being projected to you; however first, please concentrate on the feeling qualities of each Ray. Each time you integrate another Ray of expression, your auric field will change. Henceforth, as you radiate the Love/Light of the Creator, it will take on the magnified qualities of each Ray you have absorbed. In doing so, you will begin to project your own unique Ray of God Light–your gift to humanity.

Beloveds, we are offering you one more way to access your full Divine potential, that part of you that has been waiting for aeons to reconnect with you. We can show you the way, but you must take the steps and move through the process. We promise it will be worth the effort. We extend our hands in comradeship as we blend our Essence with yours. We send you Rays of peace and joy, but most of all, we send you our love. I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : *

(Excerpted and revised from: DEVELOPING YOUR PERSONAL RAY OF GOD LIGHT * YOUR SACRED QUEST   * (PAGES 220-227)  

St. Germain: Jumping Timelines, False Flags, and Creating Paradise

Channel: Kathryn E. May, PsyD

May 2, 2014

I want to tell the world our good news.  We are all so excited about what you have been doing on the ground, we want you to have an update.  You are creating miracles, but we are the ones recording them, since many of these miracles are the result of your individual efforts, your rising vibrations, and the private work you do in your quiet hours.
It has had a tremendous effect, Beloved Lightworkers.  What a team you are!

Each week, as you have absorbed the events of your lives, dealt with the delays and the disappointments and reworked your feelings and attitudes to higher and higher levels, the Light on Planet Earth increases.  As it has increased dramatically in the past week, it has made it possible for your incarnated Masters to perform the duties they have been standing by to put into action.  Much of this was unknown to even them until this week, but in their undaunted fashion, they have picked up the ball and run with it, forming a working team of heart-centered Lightworkers whose natural impulse is toward action and cooperation.

What a pleasure it is to see them in action.  Emails and phone calls fly across the globe, decisions are made with calm certainty and put into action without pause.  We in the higher realms look on with delight and awe as our representatives there on the ground carry through the major decisions which have been considered and pondered and anticipated in higher realms.

You see, this is the partnership of humankind with the Godhead.  It has always been thus, unbeknownst to most of humankind.  It is our Twin Flames on the ground who execute the desires of our hearts, bringing the etheric Master Plan into reality in the dimension where it is to be experienced.  Much of the work is unseen because it is done on the etheric level, but the source of the energy is the Heartmind of those who are in bodies now.

I will explain.  We communicate telepathically with our Masters on the ground.  They envision the Master Plan with the combination of Heartmind and Soulmind, as we have called it, that creates a portal to Love energy from Creator/One.  This includes all the love energy we feel as well.  In combining this Love with the vision of Earthly Paradise which is our hope for the next phase of life on Planet Earth, they create that reality.  It can now be experienced, linking the vision of an accelerated timeline with the current reality on the ground.  This must be done in order to “jump the timeline” while keeping the continuity of experience for those on the ground.

You, Beloved Humans, are already in the flow of experiencing a greatly accelerated version of the playing out of those events which have been predicted for Earth.  It was our great hope that all the glorious events we had envisioned in higher dimensions would come to fruition, but we could not predict dates with accuracy because we did not know how quickly the team on the ground would be able to assist in the leap from the slower, more tedious timeline you were on to something more positive.  This was only possible for them, in turn, when all of you were able to raise the vibrations high enough for them to enact the timeline jump.

In other words, the chain of events begins and ends with all of you.  When we have described the events to come, we always describe the most positive scenario, since our describing it and your envisioning it as a result of reading our messages is the first step in creating the new reality.  We then watch and encourage you to raise your vibrations so that your ground crew will have the positive energy flow needed to lift all of humankind to the next higher timeline.

When you maintain your high vibration long enough to create a synergy with others, the “lifting power” increases, opening new possibilities for positive experiences.  When a large number of you lose your focus and fall back into doubt and skepticism, it creates an undertow, negating the flow of forward energies which would have carried the project to fruition.  Father God once told you that it was you who were preventing the RV from being released.  This is what he meant.  The doubters and cynics who accused their messengers of being frauds and who railed against the “lies” being told by us – these were the ones who slowed the progress and put a wrench into the works, as you say.

Each time we offered a date by which an event would occur, we were basing our “best guess” on the most positive timeline, counting on you to provide the energy to accomplish the timeline jump necessary to make it happen.  When we didn’t make it, many of you turned on us, lost faith in God, became angry and frustrated.  We understand your reaction, Beloved Ones.  We know how difficult it has been for you to give it your best and not see anything tangible come of it.  This is the reason for our messages of encouragement here.  We see the progress, even when the event itself has not yet occurred.  This is the part of the picture you cannot see.

Let’s use a familiar analogy.  When the football coach gathers his team for a huddle, does he say, “Ok, team, let’s see if you can gain a yard or two.”  No!  He says, “This one is gonna be a goal!  Give it your all!  You can make it!”  This is our approach.  We wish to encourage you to produce your best, and we know how brilliant your best can be, even more clearly than you do.  I know you will understand that I saw what was possible, and I aimed our sights on that prize.  It would not be helpful or fair for me to do less.

It is an act of faith when you read these words and absorb their meaning – the Love behind the words, the deep feelings of connection and compassion we feel toward you always.  We have been there too, Dear Ones, and we see the challenges our Twin Flames are faced with daily.  Your own Guides and your Twin are also watching over you, shedding a tear with you when you feel despair, coming close to comfort you when you are tired and frustrated. It is our most important job in life to watch over you and send you our adoring energy, to try to comfort you in the hardest times.

I want to assure you that the hardest times are over.  The number of Dark Ones who stand in the way of your prosperity and fun and new freedom can now be counted on your fingers.  Imagine!  Only three years ago, the timeline scenario was still dangerously close to falling back into the mayhem and chaos possibilities.  You have completely avoided that.  No meteors will crash into your planet – the Galactics are catching them and sending them off course to protect you.  Prime Creator will not allow any such cosmic disasters.

Nuclear war has been completely eliminated as a possibility for your planet, and all armed conflicts will shortly become a thing of the past.  Notice the developments around the standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy, the rancher.  It has been called “the Second American Revolution,” but there is much about the encounter that is not public knowledge.  As Father God has told you, the BLM agents were in fact set up to be killed by black ops snipers, which could then be blamed on the militia.  This would have created the “false flag” opportunity to wage a civil war against militia members, provided an excuse to enforce marshall law, and opened the door to further suppression of freedoms.


The war that was planned did not happen when Higher Powers stepped in to disable the guns of the snipers and anyone else who was tempted to fire the first shot.  We did intervene in this important event, because the probable outcome would have been bloody and traumatic.  It would have created fear, rage, despair and hopelessness in people all across the globe, to see the United States descend into the kind of totalitarian land-grab that has characterized fascist regimes across the globe.

It would have had a profoundly demoralizing effect to see the country we associate with freedom sinking under the heel of the cabal.  It could not be permitted to stop the forward movement we have worked so hard to accomplish.

Those of you who are really paying attention have begun to distinguish the action of the cabal from the actions of well-intentioned government officials who have no power because they are not aligned with the Dark Ones.

It has reached the tipping point where the cabal has become so arrogant and so desperate to maintain their control that they will attempt more and more outrageously contrived disasters to kill, maim and torture citizens into submitting to fear.  The threats are coming thick and fast.  Since the terror of 9/11 is becoming less and less believable, there have been more and more “terrorist” attacks, like the Boston Marathon bombing and the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

You are aware that we sometimes use tactics which may appear similar to the Dark Ones in order to outwit them at their own game.  For instance, the RV is designed to out-flank the money grabbers by flooding the globe with wealth in the hands of those who will use it for humanitarian purposes.  I will now reveal another secret weapon which has been used to bring attention to their deceits.

You all are familiar with the Sandy Hook “massacre” in which many children were supposedly gunned down by a deranged teenager.  There were many lessons learned from that event.  One was the growing awareness that young people who are mentally disturbed need real attention and concern, not gun play.  Another was that when a community is traumatized, neighbors and friends pull together to help each other.

However, there was another agenda at play here.  It had taken the American people far too long to catch on to the use of “theatre” – contrived television enactments – to completely dupe the entire country into believing the cooked-up, contrived picture that was presented to them.

The population of TV watchers had learned to accept blatant inconsistencies and now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t video tricks as truth.  It is still difficult to convince the average American that an airliner could not fit through a 30-foot hole in the Pentagon and then magically vanish, or that Building 7 next to the Twin Towers could not have suddenly collapsed because of a small fire in a corner of the building.

Now, this brings us back to Sandy Hook.  I have decided to reveal the truth of this incident because Kathryn has requested it, and because the internet community has done a good job in recent weeks of uncovering the obvious lies and inconsistencies in recent events.  The most obvious of those inconsistencies were found in the Sandy Hook story.  I shall elaborate.

There were no bodies.  No one really seemed to know the families of the “dead” children, and the parents seemed oddly unmoved by the supposed death of their beloved children.  Suspicions rose as the first researchers began to notice that many of the “parents” were actors who seemed to do a very bad job of portraying distraught parents.  The questions have continued, and have inspired a second look at other “catastrophes”  like the Oklahoma City bombing, the storming of the compound in Waco, Texas, the plane crash of JFK, Jr., the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK, and the recent “suicides” of dozens of banking officials, to name a few.

All these suspicious events, and many more, which were investigated and dismissed with pat answers and incomplete explanations, are receiving new attention from inspired investigators who are demanding truth rather than animated videos and false witness testimony.  The investigations have finally taken on real weight and credibility, as more and more “false flag” evidence piles up, and those who are determined to uncover the truth are no longer dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” as if that were a dirty word.

Yes, Dear Ones, the “conspiracy theorists” were on the right track.  There was indeed the hand of a conspiracy of Darkness – the secret government run by the cabal – in all these events except one.  Only one caused no death or destruction of property.  Only one of these incidents was deliberately staged to awaken suspicions rather than suppress them.  Only one was carried out at the behest of your Guides and Masters, to shock you into questioning everything you have been told, everything you have been shown on television. Yes, indeed, it was a made-for-television drama.

Do you see now how easy it is to create a massive event, cook up a story to explain it, hire people to read the lines of the major players, hire “journalists” to smugly analyze, interpret and film the “terrorist attack.”  The goal in every case was to weave a convincing story, not to reveal the truth.

The makers of Sandy Hook, the Movie, proved that it was possible to do just that, and to hoodwink millions of people, even when there were deliberately placed clues in the presentation which pointed to discrepancies in the story.  You see, Sandy Hook was a Shakespearian drama, designed to make you look behind the curtains – all the curtains! – to expose the true villains of all the many suspicious “false flag” events in your history.

One obvious clue was the visit of President Obama, who went to Sandy Hook and held a little girl in his lap the day after the tragedy.  A photo of this same little girl, dressed in the same distinctive dress, was also frequently displayed as one of the victims.  Internet researchers turned up literally dozens of clues which confirmed that there were no actual victims, that the entire incident was staged, and that something truly “fishy” was going on.

Did the mass media follow up in any way, to provide real questions or real evidence to expose the fraud?  Not at all.  As with past travesties, the fraud has never been uncovered.  Why, especially since this time the deception seemed so obvious? Perhaps those who own the media are not willing to open Pandora’s box.  It is time you did so, Beloved Ones.

It is time you do as the directors and cast of Sandy Hook, the Movie, hoped you would do.  Shake your friends and neighbors.  Shout it out:  “We are free!  We will not be duped any longer!  We know the truth and we will not pretend otherwise!  We are not the helpless victims of the Matrix, and we know it!”  Was it an extreme drama, yes. Would people have awakened to the tricks of television photo-shopping if we had made it less gruesome?  I think not.  Are you angry at being duped?  Good.  Now turn that anger into admiration for those who created this lesson to awaken you, and take action!

Start a Revolution, but this time make it a revolution of Love.  Refuse to be dragged into fear or hopelessness.  Search out the culprits of the real “false flags” and expose them.  In this way, you dissolve their power.  Throw water on the witch, as Dorothy and her friends did in the wizard of Oz, and watch them melt.  Your energy, your commitment, your power to create and to follow through will carry the day!

You joined together to create a letter campaign that stopped the sonar testing which was injuring the whales and dolphins.  Now do the same for “fracking” then go on to eliminate the vaccinations which sicken your children, and the GMO crops which destroy the food supply.  Choose your travesty and put your energy behind eliminating it, as you direct your passions toward the vision of the Paradise you and I have envisioned for Planet Earth.  You are building the world you want for yourselves.

Raise yourselves up, Dear Humans!  Rejoice in the knowledge that there are many among you who are courageous and clever, many who are awakening every day, and you are one of them!

Join with Kathryn’s StarShip Terra campaign (, aligning with The Freedom Club’s Our New Earth ( and other environmental and health groups to form a coalition so powerful that greedy would-be polluters of our lands and our bodies will shake in their boots and finally give up their pointless Dark activities in favor of Harmony, Compassion, Peace, Perfect Health, Love and Joy.

I am your Adamos St. Germain, I am here with you always, and I love you without end.

Via Kathryn E. May, May 2, 2014, 11 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Solar Eclipse April 29 ~ Change, Power, Manifestation ~ AA Metatron

Channel: Annamerkaba

April 24, 2014


solareclipse april 2014

Dearly Beloved Children of Light. The atmospheric pressure of the solar eclipse arriving shortly in your daily reality has created the energetic field of powerful vibrations which shall affect the psyche of many.

The outpouring of the universal decrees shall continue to be in effect, in turn affecting all the souls residing on planet earth.  And as such the energies of tension and misunderstanding shall ensue at this moment in time. Bear in mind dearly beloved children of light and love, that as you move throughout your daily tasks you may be faced with adversaries, you may be faced with challenges and misconstructions of your ideas.

Understand that within the seeming challenges of your daily reality you shall encounter great opportunities for growth and expansion of your psyche. The ones that you are seemingly to be in the argumentative states with shall in fact be the bringers of new awareness into your reality and you into theirs.

For the light that you shall outpour to all who your way comes, shall cleanse the reality of the past and instill a reality of the present into the psyche of their being.  Nonetheless, pay close attention to the information that you shall be receiving from your seeming “Adversaries” for within their agenda will be hidden the key to your own growth and expansion of consciousness. For as you reject their ideas that you are not resonating with, you shall open up your vortex of understanding further still, and the answers and comprehension and confirmation of that which you shall feel from within, shall present evidence of such feelings from without.

Pay attention to your surroundings, and your news, for you are about to see an explosion of truth being revealed to you daily about humanity’s past, present and future. For through the archeological advances, much will be unearthed. For within the governmental structures of your society will be those that will step forward to reveal more truth of the workings of the system which has been instituted on your earth eons prior. For within the structure of your physicality much shall ensue, unfold and change. Be prepared dearly beloveds for the change is upon you. The theme of the times that are coming to you is CHANGE.

Understand that seeming setbacks are in actuality a way to propel you faster towards your desired outcomes. For the road blocks shall act as guiding posts to showcase to you that which you shall not continue to do, prompting you to look for alternative ways of “getting things done”.

Throughout the coming weeks and months your primary goals shall shift focus on the abundance of planet earth. For many of you shall indeed generate the energies necessary to propel you much faster and further than you have deemed possible. For the reality that you are experiencing is melting away and a new reality of lightning fast manifestation is approaching.

Pay attention to your thought processes and focus your attention on that which you WISH to manifest into your reality, be mindful of that which you wish not to come to pass, for all that you put your energy towards shall appear within your vicinity.

And so, and thus, stay in the light and stay in the balance, welcoming the various scenarios and opportunities unfolding before you, welcoming each moment with dignity and grace.

Gratitude shall play a very important role in the weeks to come. For that which you shall be grateful for, shall multiply tri fold. For the energies of gratitude shall open a vortex of  love and light and abundance within your sphere and propel you in the direction of your dreams.

Understand that you are the ones in control of your reality. Understand that you have the perfect opportunities to utilize the newly found energies entering GAI A at present moment in time.

Know that we are standing by you ready to lend you a helping hand, walking with you foot in food and hand in hand. Call upon us whenever you wish. Know that you are supported by the universe and all that is.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Personal Note: I channeled some information from AA Metatron previously on HOW to MANIFEST things into your reality. Please click here to read this article. 

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Message from St. Germain ~ Ascension is YOU!

Channel: Meline Lafont

April 20, 2014


Méline: I was writing about Ascension a few days ago from my I AM Presence perspective when after a few lines I felt my Masculine Self coming through. And so Saint Germain has spoken.
Greetings my dear friends,
Please do know that Ascension is not an event that is happening on a certain day or a specific date, like for example a birthday party that is taking place on a certain date and that if you are too late on this party that you cannot participate in its joy of the moment, or that if it is even possible to be too late for it.
Ascension is not an event that can be postponed or something that could not go through, for it is an ongoing process that takes place every single day, every single second of your existence. It is your cells, your being, your every now moment of change and integration, realization, growth, insights.
Ascension is taking place within you every now moment of your existence, it is in laughter, it is in joy, it is in bliss, it is in love, it is in meditation, participation in love, it is Self Love, acceptance, allowance, inner knowing, wisdom, freedom, expansion, it is all of the beauty within you reflected on the outside of the world. It is the knowing of, and the realization that you ARE GOD, that you are Divine, that you are consciousness, that you are All That Is. It is the embracing of all of your multifaceted features and the being that you are in the now and in all of your existence.
Ascension is liberty, respect, your inner temple and sun into this being. It is all that you have dreamed of and yearned for and it is YOU. So as YOU are every day, every now moment in this existence, as you ARE existence and consciousness… it is YOU that you yearn for from the heart and so that makes your Ascension in its entire being. BE your Ascension by Being, and Ascension will be every now moment. It will never be too late nor will it ever be postponed nor canceled for it is always YOU as YOU are infinite and existing. If you see that Ascension is you, you are already free.
Free yourself from the slavery of thoughts and limitations that you have set for yourself and there you will meet your Ascension and come to the realization that you have always been ascending, every single now moment. You want it too fast, you want it tangible with proof; it is an outside affirmation which on the same token you affirm to be outside of yourself for you search it not within you. How can we prove something to be, if everything you seek for to be already IS?! It is already in you and it is you! How must we prove this to Be if it is you and you are a living being of consciousness!? Does that not prove enough my friends?! That you exist and that if you exist, Ascension exists.
Do not let yourself be distracted by the waiting position of others to come and do it for you. There is no such thing my friends. There is only being and everything else that comes not from being is distraction, is separation and is learning through fractals and experience, which is action and separation. Action is splitting the core into a fractal to experience the flow of this action, which we call an expression and experience. Which is fine, of course. It is there to teach you and to bring you back to where you came from in the first place.
My friends, allow the core of your being to be that what it is you seek. Give it your love and the attention you need, for it is all in there and no place else. All the beauty on Earth and the outside reality are wonderful teachers and provide experiences. Enjoy those but do not get entrapped in them or you become those. See through the mirror of yourself what it is that makes you the one that you are in the now, what it is that you are so eagerly searching for and the answer will lead you the way to the point where you need to start over in a whole other way, to look at it from a different perspective. Learn and teach, know and BE.
We are in the midst of Ascension and it is an ongoing flow, not a one day event of such sorts. It is the flow of your growth and Being so allow, sit back on your own ride and trust your inner Self wholeheartedly. You grow every day and this is what makes Ascension so tangible in your reality. No one can do it for you as you are the ONLY one who can instigate and lead your own Ascension process.
It is my heartfelt desire to once again stress the fact that it is about Self mastery of the you within you and that it is those who you call us, the Ascended Masters, Galactic family, Archangels and so on, that will assist in what you bring forth and create from within: from the being that you are. As without your own beingness and creation there is no change or assistance to be done from our part in the Heavenly realms. It is you that bring the changes from within through being and it is us that assist you in the realization of what you bring forth.
You can see it as a Magical spell that you bring forth after mastering and learning your Magician skills, and it is us sprinkling the magical dust to make it happen even stronger after you spoke your spell. The magical dust can be compared to all of the portal activations, sun template activations, cosmic light and encodings, Solar Flares, cosmic events through alignments and shifting, all orchestrated with us/ by us and by the Source of All that Is. Change is within you as it starts from you and from nowhere else. Do not sit and wait for events to take place and take matters into your own hands by being the Master that you ARE.
Quantum consciousness is a major key in this all and it is ready for those who have achieved a certain level of Self mastery, which implies a certain consciousness and a knowingness of “Is-ness”. There can only be “delays”, “cancellations” or whatever you wish to name it by creating this yourself through taking this for your reality. When you feel that Ascension is not happening, it means that you do not see it within yourself and so you do not sense this and certainly do not see it reflected in your outer reality.
Look more into that area of yourself and think about it; is it truly another outside Source that is stopping YOUR ascension process? Let us leave it with these last words, it will be an already enough hectic ride for many and my heartfelt Love and compassion for you all is what I wish to convey to you all, for it is out of tremendous Love that I bring this message to you. I wish for you to see this now and to look deeper within you.
My Love, Grace and infinite compassion, Saint Germain
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

Message from Lady Portia: Mystery of Mysteries

Channel: Kathryn E. May, PsyD

April, 25, 2014

Lady Portia:

Many people ask why God or our Ascended Masters tell us something and then it doesn’t happen.  Yes, we know it might appear to you that nothing happens, but those who are sensitive to the energy around them would never say that.  Each time there has been a big push, timed to an astrological event, important things have happened.

The ultimate goal has not yet been achieved, but think how different you are since December 21, 2012.  You are far more resolute, far more sure of yourselves in your commitment to carry through the Great Project with us.  A great shift was accomplished at that time.  The timeline which predicted the complete destruction of Planet Earth was left behind, once and for all.

The work which was done yesterday in response to Gaia’s need to release old feelings of frustration and sadness allowed her to make another leap, into a new and most positive timeline, the one which will allow us all to experience the Great Shift we have been envisioning.

It is quite an impossible thing, this attempt to explain to you what we see, how we operate, and what is needed from you. The most powerful work is being done by the Lightworkers who are right there with you, but whose contributions are mostly unknown to you. You see, the human brain in its present state is not at all capable of perceiving and understanding the multidimensional aspects of what is happening.  Your brains are finite, enclosed in your skulls, and operate in a narrow vibrational range.  You have been trained to take in only what you can see or touch. Thus, you may be completely heedless of major shifts going on just beyond your awareness.

We have the advantage of unlimited access to information. Although we cannot process it all at one time, we do have the keys to the library, you might say.  In addition, we have the power of our group consciousness to tap into.  We can share images, thoughts and feelings in a way that is impossible for you at this moment – although with the crystallization of your DNA, it is becoming easier every day.

In addition, we have the ability to see the colors and sounds of the Universe in a completely different way than you do, and we can follow the thread of a present event or a particular person, and see all the possible outcomes, with the greatest to least probabilities and possible influences along the way.  This is how we are able to “predict the future.”  Of course, it is not really prediction, it is assessing probabilities.  This is what we are doing now concerning your ascension and the activities surrounding it.

Now, let me give you as much of that picture as I can, given the limitation of language and finite brain operations.  There is another element we must bring into the explanation here, and that is the Truth which you are just newly beginning to grasp.  That is the Law of Attraction and the ability we, and you, have to manifest what we want.  You understand that what we want is for all of you to reach the glorious goal we have envisioned together, do you not?

Well, we want it above all else, but we are bound by Universal Law not to interfere or intervene in the civil activities of a planet unless we are asked, and it is approved by the Ascension Council.  This is why we are talking to you now – because it has been allowed, to an extent, that we be in contact with you and that we offer our help and communication.  However, it is not permitted that we simply move in to your planet and take over to set things right, no matter how much you might appreciate it.  We are required to go step by step, interceding only as things develop on the surface of the Earth as a result of your actions and your rising vibrations.

We have seen that the moments when energies have risen the highest on Planet Earth are the times when many were meditating together, envisioning a positive outcome, each with his/her heartmind joining in harmony with all the others – these are the times when great leaps are accomplished. The more passionately the vision is held, and the more who hold it, the greater the leap.  We see the peaks when you are all listening to the radio shows on Blog Talk Radio, and when you read the messages as they are posted and read by the thousands.

There was a tremendous flow of rising Light and energy during the buildup toward the Harmonic Ascension.  At the culmination of that campaign, on April 15th at 10 PM, the time Father God identified as the first wave of Ascension, there was a burst of Light and a powerful flow of Love that lifted all humankind toward a new timeline, into a new “channel” as you might call it, where the outcome for all will be a more positive one.

No, you did not all ascend that night in the way you had hoped, but you did ascend.

I know you cannot see the energy lines which interact through time and space, across dimensions throughout the Multiverse, but I can see them, and I can tell you, you have made a difference!  You have been told various “scenarios” in the past 50 years or so which have predicted various kinds of upheaval, rescue, and more recently, an orderly and joyful Ascension for all.  All these scenarios were true at the time they were foretold.

Purple Blue Light

Yes, you, Beloved Ones, have “jumped the timelines” several times in the past few years, literally changing your destiny and that of the entire planet.  To make things even more complex, you are also involved in raising the vibrational energy for the entire Multiverse.  No, we have not spoken of this at length before because it is too mind-boggling for a human mind to truly grasp, but let’s try.  You, here on your relatively small, beautiful blue planet, are central to the movement which is taking place across the Universe.  This has been suggested before, but it would be impossible for you to be truly aware of the magnitude of your involvement in the ascension of the entire Multiverse.

Are you reeling at the idea that your envisioning powers will indeed be needed to lift not only other solar systems, other inhabited planets, and other galaxies teeming with life, but that you will also do much of the “heavy lifting” to raise even other Universes, and affect the structure of other dimensions?  It is true.

You are just beginning to appreciate how powerful you actually are.  There is a great synergy between your own awakening and the energies flowing across your planet and throughout the cosmos.  Think – only five centuries ago it was believed the earth was flat, and today most of you have a fairly good understanding of the movement of heavenly bodies, of your place in the solar system, and are conversant with the influences of astrological events, energy vortices, and group consciousness.

You are no longer stunned at the idea the human consciousness has an effect on the growth of plants, the weather, and the behavior of wild animals.  It does not surprise you that animals have souls, that you can talk with trees, or that Mother Earth recognizes your footfall.  How many of these things did you become aware of in the past three years?  You see, you are ascending, and others around you are beginning to open their eyes as well.

Many of you do still have the persistent belief that you are going to need to be rescued from this difficult life under the immutable influence of the Dark Ones, that your Galactic Brothers and Sisters are your only hope for achieving peace and prosperity on the planet.  You are familiar with the work of St. Germain and his prosperity programs, but are you aware that most of his work was done while he was here on the surface in a body?  He could not have collected and stored all the wealth that will soon be distributed had he not incarnated here just like you!

Think of the Great Ones who have changed the course of history, have faced down the Dark Ones and who have achieved miracles of political and social enlightenment.  They were here in bodies, were they not?  Would the words of Martin Luther King have had the same effect if he had spoken them over a loudspeaker from the deck of a space ship rather than from the streets of Selma, Birmingham and Chicago?  Would my words mean as much to you if I were not there with you in a body, speaking of the things Kathryn experiences just as you do?

You are not puppets on a Galactic string, Beloveds.  You are not puppets on anyone’s string.  Your happiness is not dependent upon anyone but yourself.  You are in charge of this life you live and the way it turns out.  You create the vortex that swirls around you, the amount of Light you emit, and therefore the amount of Love you attract.

Use an example of an incident in your own life.  Think of a time you sank into self-pity.  Notice the events and feelings that followed.  Be honest with yourself.  Has depression, anxiety or self-doubt ever brought a genuinely pleasurable moment into your life?  Why do you continue to generate it?  Because you can’t help it?  You don’t know how to do anything else?  If you believe this, you are believing you are a helpless child, without resources, without intelligence or creative power.  If so, you denigrate the magnificent creation you are – an adult of the Creator race, here to manifest the Dream.

Even spirituality can be used to reinforce helplessness, you know.  Belief in God is a powerful thing, but it does not take the place of living your life, one breath, one day, one  action at a time.  This is the wondrous thing about incarnation.  You can literally be in more than one place at a time.  Now, reach upward, Dear Ones.  Make permanent contact with the Higher Self which is your source of wisdom and greater perspective.

You are your Higher Self, you know.  Your Higher Self is you.  There need not be a veil of mystery between you, if you simply accept the fact that whatever moments of brilliance you have had, whatever triumphs of generosity, kindness and compassion you have spontaneously expressed are truly who you are.  Accept your deepest feelings of Love and empathy, the highest achievements of your heart, as the simple evidence of what you are capable of, and what you can be in your normal, everyday life.

You have all been taught to criticize, belittle and demonize yourselves.  NO!  The truth is the opposite of what you have believed.  Peak moments are the expression of who you are.  The rest is just the result of being caught in the matrix of confusion and darkness.  Shake off judgment, assessment of your “faults” and failures.  Look instead to the strengths you have developed over lifetimes of experience.  There, under the layers of self-criticism and blame is the Star Seed – the glittering diamond of conscious awareness that is your I AM presence, your GodSelf.

You are loved, and you are capable of great Love, great moments of glory, every day.  It is within you because it is within your Higher Self, your I AM God Presence.  See yourself as One – one divine being, one being within the heart and mind of God.  This is our true identity.

We are One.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Portia, April 26, 2014, 1 AM, New York

An Urgent Appeal from Mother Earth

Channel: Kathryn E. May, PSyD

April 25, 2014

yellow rose

A personal message from Kathryn.

I don’t know how to write this, or even what it is I am supposed to be writing.

I have just come from a grounding session with Mother Earth, and the result has been profound and disturbing.  I feel compelled to call on all of you for your special help because you are the people who can reach deeply to find what is needed to help Gaia right now.  I believe it is crucial to our ascension.

I asked to be told; I even said, “Speak to me, Gaia.  Tell me how I can help.  Let me know what needs to be done.”  I saw visions of oil wells pumping, fracking drills penetrating deep into her body, and I was reminded of the irritating, itchy spot on the back of my neck that has been annoying me for the past few weeks – a skin irritation that refused to respond to healing efforts.  It is on the left base of my skull, and it made me think occasionally about how difficult it would be for those to ascend who are truly in pain.

I saw my body as a map, my head as the Northern Hemisphere, my spine the center of the Americas.  The spot on my neck where my skull connects to my spine would be Texas.  The irritation flared as I recognized it.  Images of oil rigs and Bushes, toxic spills and oblivious humans in charge of attacking Mother Earth to rape and pillage her natural resources.

She showed me crowds of elementals – fairies, elves, nature beings of all sorts.  I was aware that I needed to call upon the human incarnations of Ariel and other EarthKeepers to enlist their shy troops to help come to the rescue.  We must find a way to stop these painful activities immediately!

Two facets of the work were clear:   One, appeal to the Ascension Council to disable all drilling and digging that is causing pain to our Mother Earth.  Two, enlist all nature spirits and their human overseers to create/instigate mischief everywhere there is destructive action toward Mother Earth.  All of these activities must be stopped before final Ascension can take place!

After about 40 minutes with my heart pressed against the earth, I arose feeling in an altered state.  Everything around me appeared crystal clear, but multifaceted.  I saw every flower and branch, every living consciousness, and was dizzied by it.

I walked into the house and smelled acetone – nail polish remover – and the reaction I felt was like a mad dog.  I felt a sudden flash of rage, like an injured wild animal facing its attacker.  I felt wild frustration, the impulse to lash out and destroy everything around me that reminded me of toxins, chemicals, man-made poisons.  Connected to this was a feeling of frustration verging on hatred for those humans who casually ignore the destructive actions around them, focusing instead on combing their hair or proudly driving their fancy gas-drinking cars.

I have personally felt some of these things, but never to this utterly disorganizing intensity.  I felt completely shaken, barely able to breathe, so overcome with frustration, sadness and rage that I was beside myself.

I remembered Father God once saying to me, “Mother Earth will only tolerate the abuse so long, and then she will simply shake off humankind the way a dog shakes water off its back.”  I now understand the feeling that would lead her to do it.

I know that our efforts to ascend, to raise our consciousness have been helpful.  It has created the possibility for all of us to jump from the old timeline in which Mother Earth would have been completely destroyed, and us with her, to the beautiful reality of Mother Earth restored to the Paradise she was meant to be.  It feels to me as if we are at a shift point – where we will fully accomplish the Great Plan, or something less.

If we are to reach the highest potential we must help Mother Earth to heal, to forgive us, and to accept our own responsibility for her suffering.  We are the ones who can see the destruction, feel the pain of hundreds of years of injury.  We can ask forgiveness and cleanse ourselves of the darkness that has lingered in our psyches – the residue of so many lives in collusion with the Dark Ones who manipulated us into accepting their destructiveness, which they convinced us was for the greater good.

While we are still here with two feet on the ground, we must do more than envision New Earth.  We must take direct action to protect her, now.  How that will be done will emerge from each of us personally – our inspiration, our networks, our friends and our location on the Earth.  We are a formidable army of Lightworkers.  Mother Earth needs our help right now.  Every act which directly protects her from attack will resonate around the globe.

I know this message will create new ideas, new possibilities for how we can fearlessly stop the abuses, right now.  The more people involved, the safer it will be to take action in opposition to The Powers That Were.  In the meantime, I ask for the Nature Spirits to come forward to help organize a most effective campaign of Liberty and Justice for Mother Earth.

With all my love,

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Channel: Sheldan Nidle

April 22, 2014

Centuries ago, Count Saint Germain established a great nation on the shores of North America. He carefully gave a series of documents to this nation that set up both its governance and its basic principles. This land is on the brink of completing a procedure that has the potential to restore it to what it once was.

7 Manik, 10 Kank’in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! Events continue to move forward! The dark continues to reel as it encounters one potential setback after another. A scenario is forming that promises to give us the means to bring out the first stage of monetary reforms that are to swiftly lead to your abundance. The currency reforms and the new banking regulations are merely the start of a system that is to produce gold-backed monies. These things are to lead to a new environment that is to be overseen by a series of NESARA-like governments across this globe. It is this new network of governance that is to spawn disclosure and set the way for formal announcements about first contact and your return to full consciousness. This process is to also allow for your inner Earth brethren to appear before you. We, along with your Ascended Masters, are to set the stage for this grand journey. As you progress, so Mother Earth is to move forward with changes to her surface realm. These alterations are to return her surface to the size and shape that existed in the latter days of ancient Lemuria. In this mode, a permanent golden Age can appear!

All of you are now undergoing transformations that affect your body, mind and emotions. This is necessary to provide you with the means to become fully conscious Beings. Our initial tasks are simply to provide you with mentors who have the necessary training to aid you in reaching preliminary points you need in order to be transformed by the magnificent Light chambers given to us by Heaven. Each chamber is a living entity, capable of returning you to your former state. The Atlanteans and their dark “friends” imposed limited consciousness upon you. Their vile experiment, which left a few hundred Atlanteans in a lesser state, was done by the dark to subvert the ways of Heaven. At the same time, it gave your ancestors important experiences to better understand the conditions imposed by the dark upon its many galactic creations. This special knowledge is to permit you to aid the former Anchara continuum-based planetary societies on their own journey toward the Light.

This journey of yours has numerous twists, which keep you frustrated and wondering about what is occurring around you. Special groups are moving forward with programs designed to permit you to be free. The dark cabal understands only two things – wealth and power. These were manifested on Mother Earth at the start of the first golden ages almost 13 millennia ago. These concepts are now to be pushed aside by a series of actions of our numerous associates. In a galactic society, these concepts are unknown. Technology provides everyone with health, food and clothing. There is only the daily use of your divine service to grow on all levels: spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Employing this acquired knowledge, individuals add their logic to solve any potential problem that can arise. Thus, it is nearly impossible for any potential problem not to receive its proper creative solution. We reside in a society that is open, free and filled with joy and happiness.

The galactic society you are to construct is one that is to be founded on the many prototypes that exist throughout this galaxy. The Agarthans maintain a vast library that has records of all that has preceded you. In addition, you are to possess an edition of our sacred “Book of Understanding.” These volumes can give you additional clues on how you are to go about forging this galactic society, which is to have many branches on Venus, Mars, Gaia and Pax. Numerous societies of special Spirits exist here that are also to assist you in this process. In total, you have a great amount of possibilities that are to be the foundations for your new star nation. Many throughout this and numerous nearby galaxies follow closely what you are destined to achieve. All of us realize what you are to do, and the wondrous effect it is to have on all. Hence, we come to introduce ourselves to you at the right divine time. This moment is now forming and, shortly, we are to be permitted to address you directly.

Spiritual Geometry1


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Today is a time for renewal. It is a moment when, together, we can visualize a new reality forming in joy around us. Let the wondrous events of this day lead us to freedom and responsibility. This responsibility is to create new governance, spread prosperity and honor our mutual individual sovereignty. Bear in mind that sovereignty is a gift given by the Creator. We are here to honor and protect it. The original dream of America was to fully bask in this and to peacefully spread it throughout this world. Respect for all is based on the sacredness of all life. Gaia is a living Being that is to be honored and thanked for her great gifts. You live in a realm filled with an amazing diversity of life. A similar diversity is spread across this galaxy. Respect it! Feel its joy! Be the grand mentors that you were put here to be. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

As you rejoice in your new reality, understand that it requires your love and your firm commitment to who you really are. Become aware of the changes and be ready to accept the start of a new world. Centuries ago, Count Saint Germain established a great nation on the shores of North America. He carefully gave a series of documents to this nation that set up both its governance and its basic principles. In the 19th century, this land began to veer from what he had founded in the latter half of the previous century. This land is on the brink of completing a procedure that has the potential to restore it to what it once was. We bless and divinely thank those whose courage and tenacity have made all of this possible. The healing that needs to take place requires your sacred help. We are all in this together! Blessings unto all. Be one in prosperity and in Joy!

A great healing for Mother Earth is taking place. Ever since the rise of the first societies after the fall of Atlantis, humanity has used the Earth for its homes, sustenance and even the source of its clothes and its shrines. We dug up the Earth and at first honored her for what she did to permit us our lives. Eventually, these blessings fell by the wayside and a new attitude of abuse became the norm. This was especially prevalent in the early time of the recorded histories of Egypt, India and China. The Americas also dishonored Gaia. It is time for this to cease. It is time to honor a brave and kind one who gives you life. Use the new governance and new technologies! Return to honoring Gaia. Also, thank the Creator and diligently learn new truths and new ways. The time of celestial reunion arrives! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we went over the events of the day. We ask that you see this as a new beginning. Be prepared to accept a new prosperity along with new governance. We are all prepared to come forth and teach what is needed to complete your transition from limited to galactic consciousness. Times are indeed changing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Cardinal Grand Cross

This event takes place April 15 – 29, 2014

April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER & MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 90 degree angles to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.

In addition, each of these planets is sitting at ’13 degrees’ of the 4 CARDINAL signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra & Uranus 13 degrees Aries). Plus Mars is Retrograde (appearance of going backwards) during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.

PLUS, adding to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 28 April 2014.

Hope you enjoy this slideshow summary of the energetic ‘Quantum Potential’ of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014. For a more detailed understanding of this event and to receive a number of free energetic tools, please visit:

PLEASE NOTE: At the 3:40 minute mark, there is a typo in the heading on a few of the slides. The Annular Solar Eclipse is on the 29 April 2014 (not the 14/15 April, as that is the date of the Lunar Eclipse… Ooops, apologies for any confusion).